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The editor still remembers that a few years ago, I and the friends around me were still very “scornful” at autumn pants, and they would not look at autumn pants even if they were frozen.

And now, the editor’s friends have begun to wear autumn pants. There are even many people who say that as a mature man, wearing autumn pants is the most basic respect for cold weather.

And you will gradually find that when you meet acquaintances before, you will say, “Have you eaten?” And now you’ll always say “Are you wearing autumn pants?” ”

According to incomplete statistics, 45% of people said that “wearing autumn pants” plays a decisive role in bringing colleagues closer together.

So what is the magic of autumn pants that can completely change it in just a few years?

1. Wearing autumn pants = mature

First of all, let’s popularize science, autumn pants are worn between underpants and outer pants, can be fitted trousers, generally thin material, and not suitable for external wear.

Moreover, autumn pants, which are “vulgar” in the eyes of many people, originated in Europe, and Frank Stanfield, known as the “father of autumn pants”, applied for the “autumn pants patent” in 1915.

Therefore, autumn pants are also considered to be a historical “foreign product”, but these bonus points have been ignored by young people in their teens and twenties, and there is only one reason, “too vulgar”.

So why does it feel cheesy? This point starts with last year’s very popular “your mother thinks you are cold”, what does the autumn pants of the mother or grandma look like? Colorful with incomprehensible prints…

This kind of aesthetic don’t say 00, even the editor can’t accept it, and even if it is not exposed, just thinking about it will feel that I have lost the courage to go out, if I accidentally expose a piece, I can’t wait to find a seam on the spot.

So why wear autumn pants? Answer: “Cold”!

There is actually only one reason for the existence of autumn pants, that is, “keeping warm”, and today, autumn pants have been very careful to pinch themselves, although the appearance is not high, but it is also passing.

So why are autumn pants a sign of maturity?

In fact, putting on autumn pants before your mother mutters, not for fear of being reprimanded, but to show that you already know the warmth and cold, know how to take care of yourself and cherish yourself, isn’t this a sign of maturity?

Presumably, every mother wants to see her child seriously pick out a tacky and warm autumn pants for herself before the cold comes.

2. Carefully pick a pair of tacky and warm autumn pants

2.1 The best time to wear autumn pants

Autumn pants are not what you can wear if you want to, after the summary of the majority of netizens, about when the temperature is below 10 ° C, it is the best time to wear autumn pants.

Of course, no one goes out with a thermometer every day, so another way is when you find your legs cold, and then in the vernacular is when you feel cold.

And the last one, that’s when you find out that your mother has started to pour winter clothes…

2.2 Autumn pants variety selection careful machine

The most important thing in choosing autumn pants is the fabric problem, pure cotton autumn pants have the best breathability, and the comfort is relatively strong, absolutely preferred.

Cashmere autumn pants have a relatively high warmth retention, but they are easy to bloated after wearing, so people who do not want to expose their leg lines or are allergic to cashmere wear them.

Polyester is the material that can bring you a wisp of static electricity at night, comfort and breathability are relatively low, but the appearance may be slightly higher, because there is style.

Secondly, the problem of tightness, many friends feel that tighter autumn pants are warmer, but in fact, they are the same, and those that are too tight are not necessarily warm.

Looser autumn pants are more comfortable, but this is more suitable for loose outer pants, otherwise it will be embarrassing to cause bloated legs.

Therefore, when you choose, try to choose the type that is close but not tight, and the fit is king.

There are many ways to keep warm in winter, and autumn pants are certainly not the only option, so if you really don’t want to wear autumn pants, then take other warm measures and learn to take care of yourself is the first step to maturity.

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