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Let’s talk about boots today, “wild” and beautiful inner species!

Brushed Gao Mei a few days ago

Elizabeth Debicki

The new “street shooting

, said to be a street shoot, in fact, it is her Reuters photo on the set of the fifth season of “The Crown”. You know who is acting, right? – Princess Diana, super-like Yuki?

Left: Concubine Dai herself

Right: Princess Diai, played by Elizabeth Debicki

Guess blindly, the look is inspired by the photo above (left) but with some stylistic adjustments: the loose sweatshirt is replaced by a fitted white sweater, the textured camel coat is draped, the baseball cap is removed, and the tote bag is put on. It suddenly weakened the original American casual sense and became very professional.

The only constant,

It’s the cowboy boots on my feet,

It can almost be said that it is a one-to-one reduction.

Princess Dai also has a true love for these boots, often appearing in her relaxed, leisurely daily private clothes. So much so that many fashionable people must wear a pair of cowboy boots when imitating her classic look.

For example, HaileyπŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»~

Another example is Emily RatajkowskiπŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»~

Some girls, like Kendall, every time they appear on the street in sweatshirts + slacks + western boots, some people say that the style is very “Dai Fei style”~

Think about it in your head: if you swap cowboy boots for sneakers (or something else)… Isn’t it like a concubine?

Once you put on your cowboy boots, the unruly “wild” energy of the West comes out. At the same time, I can’t help but sigh in my heart: The woman wearing these boots is not simple, sharp, refreshing, and sassy!

Like every time a celebrity who loves to wear western boots is mentioned, the editor first thinks of it

Patti Smith

, how comfortable and pure. Her wandering poetic temperament even covers cowboy boots with a bit of poetry.

Another example

Erin Wasson

, This even gets married with western booties

Vivienne Westwood

Cool women who order wedding dresses do not have the words “decent” in their bones.

And also

Bella Hadid

, like to use a deep V cardigan (“vacuum” only one button) with pulling pointed cowboy boots, it is simply “daring.”

, but also extremely sexy!

She recently spoke to PAPER magazine, saying

I haven’t hired a stylist for two years, and I can do my daily outfit by myself, and I can wear whatever I want

β€”β€”Well, the reason for dressing more and more “free yourself” has been found! Although there are occasional odd appearances, it has to be said that Bella is more stylish and recognizable overall.

Left: Celine

Right: Ralph Lauren

To say that these boots were brought on fire by the stars, not all.

Let’s say

There is always a reason for the rise of a trend

。 Since last spring, cowboy boots have been favored by the mainstream aesthetic of the fashion circle


Ralph Lauren


Isabel Marant


All are launched.


In the autumn and winter of last year, various barrel-height cowboy boots were used as the main model.

In the spring and summer of 2022 (just around the corner), the hot shoe model is still there

Cowboy boots

。 However, it is a refreshing light print version, very “spring” color.

This French brand is also a cowboy boot “big household”, and the cleanly cut black coat in the early spring Lookbook is paired with white loose pants, and a pair of rose western boots should be added to finish. At this time, the French girl’s sense of freedom and freedom came out.

And the Cowboy boots are amazing, you can recognize them at a glance from afar.

Here’s a story about cowboy boots.

It originated in the western United States in the 19th century, and European settlers in the vast land made a living herding cattle, giving birth to the special landmark profession of cowboy. And cowboy boots are specially designed to facilitate cowboy horseback riding, also known as

“Western Boots”


“Texas Boots”

The most typical cowboy boots are not flat-heeled, but

A wedge-shaped heel that slopes inwardly

, so that it is more stable to step on the stirrup on and off the horse’s back; The boots are designed to be V-shaped at the front and rear, so that the cowboy can quickly break free when falling on the horse; The forefoot is wide, and the pointed (or round) toe with a slightly upturned tip is very recognizable!!

The Last Flower, 1991

Later, women also began to wear cowboy boots, on the one hand, because they were convenient and easy to wear, and on the other hand, because they looked cool. Like Princess Diana mentioned at the beginning of the article, she is a representative of the eighties who loved to wear cowboy boots.

In the women-themed film “The Last Flower” in the early nineties, the two heroines who fled their ordinary lives and work also changed into cowboy boots that they had never worn before on a road trip (and later escape).

In a way, these boots symbolize finding,

Liberate yourself with

Strength. So in the post-pandemic era, they will return to the mainstream of fashion. After all

Western boots can take women to places they can’t go in high heels.

Have you found that from the pair of cowboy boots that were brought by the concubine, to the fashionable “saluters” later, almost all of their favorite styles are medium-barreled.

It stands to reason that this calf stuck half the height of the barrel is not friendly to thick-legged girls, but

The cowboy boots’ signature V-shaped cuff is combined with a pointed toe toe that automatically opens the leg-extending buff

。 Coupled with the loose and comfortable cuff (don’t forget its functional boots), the little chunky leg editor (myself) is easy to wear.

Of course, it’s different from boots designed with chic and shiny appeal. The former allows you to show sophistication and be ahead of trends, while cowboy boots are casual, comfortable and free.

And the mid-barrel cowboy boots are not only chic, but also easy to wear. Share a dress formula:

Casual suit + sweatshirt + straight-leg jeans + mid-leg western bootsβ‰ˆ the same style of Daifei

。 Depending on each person’s preference, decide whether to add or not add a baseball cap.

The sweet girl Lisa also wears it like this, and the rules are to tie the coat buttons, which is also quite beautiful.

The editor summed up an idea –

The coat is in keeping with the tone of the boots

, so that no matter how the item is changed, the overall effect will not deviate too much.

Julia Roberts

In the early outfit, western mid-boots were tucked into wide trousers, and only this little change showed a different effect.

Can refer to

The interpretation on the runway, fatter wide-leg pants, tucked into a pair of medium-high jeans is more than enough, it is also a new feeling of wearing!

But most girls are still used to tucking their trousers into their boots, for example

Emily Ratajkowski

。 In winter, change short coats such as suits into long trench coats or tweed coats, the overall feeling is not lost, but it is a little more feminine.

Or wear it underneath with a flowing printed dress with a structured suit and mid-barrel cowboy boots, in the now-fashionable term “both maiden and man”.

The booty version of Cowboy boots became popular in response to the needs of beautiful girls. It’s not hard to understand why, as they wear them taller and show their leg length.

Miss Zhong

She loves to wear western booties, and she also has her own fixed outfit template –

Long jacket + dress + cropped cowboy boots

, Combining femininity and perseverance, it is no wonder that she dresses up this way whether shopping, watching shows, or attending parties.

This stylish, simple and easy-to-use “routine” can also be applied

Sweater + skirt

On this pair of fashionable old partners, wearing short cowboy boots is also very sassy~

If you wear it with pants, you can present more styles. In line with Western boots

Denim pieces

, you can effortlessly mix and match together (and, wear a whole denim and see that there will be shooting stars and walking in 2022).

The power of blogger Camille Charriere is that she changed the cotton-printed square scarf that denims would wear to a delicate silk scarf, with a more elegant knot (and a pearl necklace), creating a touch of light romance in the cool tone.

You can also use a three-piece tailored suit that symbolizes the elite aesthetic, and mix it with rough western booties in contrast, so stylish!

In addition to suits, leather pants and cowboy boots can also make friends, and the top is matched with soft and thick knitwear, which also looks good!

There is also this “fancy” winter look, because of the addition of polka-dot pants, it is easy to stay away. In fact, carefully disassemble, all the pieces revolve around the three basic colors of black, white and gray, and there is basically no mistake. But the editor felt that changing the floral pants to black, dark gray or blue jeans would make the whole more attractive.

Visually eye-catching bright leather western boots, in the matching to “close” a little, coherent and fit black underwear, draped in a wide and wide silhouette coat, high girls wear fashionable is not ordinary!

Come on, this will give you a pair of cropped cowboy boots (that the editors love to put down) directly in the poster SHOP!!! From a contemporary designer shoe brand


(You can still ship it if you buy it in these two days!!)


CCISTOCASSIA paneled black embroidered denim ankle boots

Reference price: 1,880CNY

Only 48 hours of return is supported!

The “Cassie” cowboy boots were born as a tribute to rock poet Patti Smith, and it is said that the designer also listened to Patti’s slightly husky chant when drawing the sketch of the boots.

Boot design (black model is not visible, look at white)

Combines the shape and details of a traditional western boot with a comfortable sporty stretch fabric

。 The 5.5cm heel height is combined with a thin tube cinched leg design, which is more flattering than the traditional style, and the legs are lengthened at the same time.


The editor feels that black is the most classic and has the most Patti tone (it is best to wear to the old, with traces of wandering); The white version is more simple and refreshing, and it is also very attractive to wear in spring. You can take a look at the street photography demonstration πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ» with white skirts and vintage checked jackets, which are literary and special.

CCISTOCASSIA panels snake-embroidered denim ankle boots

There is also a chic animal-print panel, which rubs the snake print from nature into the design of cowboy boots, which has a bit of raw and rough beauty. Combining boyish’s handsomeness and elegance, this shoe is modern yet easy to handle, perfect for pairing with sweaters, jeans or leather pants to create rich layers.

Tall cowboy boots are less routine, but more personal.

It’s the “hardliner” in the shoe world

, even the lady who wears it is also very difficult to mess with. They will even use cool leather trench coats and leather pants to “join forces” to maximize women’s sense of strength.

Celine’s autumn/winter runway has seen turtlenecks, denim jackets and long trench coats layered and matched, and the close-fitting leather legging at the bottom is visually connected with the western boots, the overall is not so cumbersome, and it is quite warm.

Another way to wear it was also demonstrated: a vintage tweed suit with black pencil pants and jeans, smart and free; The shirt ribbon at the neckline flutters in the wind, flashing the artistic tone of the bourgeois women of the 70s.

This temperament can also be worn with “wild” clothes. For example, the leopard print coat that everyone dares not try easily, with a very hard cow leather tall cowboy boot to “balance”, the charm is not ordinary!

Or go the other way around, with the toughness of soft flowing mid- and western boots.

In addition, bright white will be more unexpected than black or dark brown tall western boots, so it will look more fashionable.

Kendall used to go out on the street, wearing a pair of sky-blue western boots, and he was very fashionable.

There are also Isabel Marant suede spliced boots that were previously popular in the blogger’s circle, with unique carved details and matte leather mixed suede material, which greatly reduces the sense of ostentativity of western boots and looks nostalgic and modern. Wear it with dark gray or blue jeans and should look good.

Let’s plant a pair of cool cowboy boots, still from


The most special thing about these “Patt” boots is that –

It “integrated” the popular side slit trousers with western boots

: You think it’s leather pants and boots, but it’s actually a pair of boots.

CCISTO PATT cowhide paneled contrast trouser tube western cowboy boots

Even more windy is this pair

Eco-friendly leather with denim panels

The boots – a Wear it with a midi skirt (you can secretly add autumn pants underneath) and a jacket, it looks great! It’s so pretty! It’s so pretty!! The editor couldn’t help but start, unilaterally announcing: I am the sassiest girl in this gai! (fork waist)

The editor has already placed an order when he wrote to you, and he has already put it on in the past two days!!

Newspaper friends, orders can be shipped before this Friday (SF Oh)!! You can also catch the last wave of couriers and buy for the New Year

。 BTW, the newspapermen in the group still enjoy

【Priority shipping.】



After talking so much, have you ever got the fashion of cowboy boots? It’s not the most versatile and gentle pair in the boot world, but it’s an irreplaceable pair. If you already have 12,345 basic pairs in your shoe cabinet, how about trying these cool and expressive boots?

The joys and sorrows of human beings are not connected, such as when “there are still 7 days to celebrate the New Year”…

What’s the difference between my sweater and the sweater in the street photo?

The 73-year-old father remarried, and the son of waste wood “married” into a wealthy family … What other happy event will not happen in Xiaobei’s house?

Image source: Visual ChinaNetwork

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Isabel Marant


Reference price: 1,880CNY

Reference price: 1,880CNY

Reference price: 1,880CNY

Only 48 hours of return is supported!

Only 48 hours of return is supported!

Only 48 hours of return is supported!