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Now the weather in the north is already very cold, many families will choose to use water heaters when bathing, now there are many types of water heaters on the market, common air energy water heaters, solar water heaters and gas water heaters. So is an air energy water heater good? The teacher’s 30 years of experience will not be wrong after reading it. Let’s find out together.

First, is the air energy water heater good?

In our daily lives, more understanding of water heaters may be solar energy or electrical energy. But how much do you know about air energy water heaters? The biggest similarity with the previous two is actually the same, that is, it does not rely on electric energy for power generation, so in terms of consumption, air energy water heaters are much better than the previous two.

Generally, the water heaters used in our lives are mainly gas water heaters, electric water heaters and solar water heaters. In recent years, air energy water heaters have become popular, and its biggest feature is that heating water is more energy-saving, and the consumption of electric energy is much smaller than that of electric water heaters, and can provide a steady stream of hot water.

However, air energy water heaters have so many advantages, why do many people choose electric water heaters and solar water heaters? The reasons for this kind of applause are in the following aspects:

1. The heating principle of air energy water heaters determines that it is not suitable for the north. Air energy water heater using the reverse method of home air conditioning refrigeration for heating, in principle or the use of air heat exchange for heating, its heating capacity is limited by the external environment temperature, in the northern winter, the external environment temperature is low, resulting in poor heating effect, need to rely on electric energy to assist heating, its consumption of electric energy and ordinary electric water heater will not be very different.

2. The volume of air energy water heaters is huge. Air energy water heaters generally come with a 120-200 liter water tank, the volume is generally about 1.6-1.8 meters in height, such a large volume, placed on the balcony is definitely not suitable. The equipment floor of many buildings has a limited height and may not be able to put down the air energy water heater, which leads to many families unable to consider the air energy electric water heater.

3, complex maintenance, low customer awareness The more complex the equipment, the more likely it is to have problems, air energy is the same, its use has not been popularized in a large area, some small manufacturers of air energy products, itself in the design is not very mature, failure rate is not like electric water heaters after years of continuous improvement by manufacturers, has dropped to an extremely low level.

4. High price.

Finally, there is the price aspect, due to technology. An air energy water heater, the brand price is often as high as six or seven thousand yuan, miscellaneous brands are also more than four or five thousand. And a common electric water heater only needs one or two thousand. Considering the initial investment and the annual savings on electricity bills, it is not a very good deal.

Second, which kind of household water heater is good?

1. Storage electric water heater: generally divided into 1500W and 2500W two, storage electric water heater hot water time is slow, heating a tank of water takes about 30 minutes, not suitable for family multi-person continuous use. Storage electric water heaters occupy a relatively large area because of their water storage tanks, and are generally installed in toilets. Instantaneous electric water heater, generally more than 5000W, instant open and hot water, install instantaneous electric water heater, “power line must be more than 6 square copper core wire”, because there is no hot water loss, so it is power-saving and convenient, but it only has one water outlet.

2. The gas water heater comes with hot water quickly, suitable for many people to take a continuous bath, the water temperature is constant, and the occupied area is small. However, because there must be oxygen for gas combustion, it must be installed in an air circulation place, and there is a risk of leakage, which is generally installed in the kitchen. Gas water heaters need to install pipes that emit exhaust gases because they need to emit exhaust gases.

3, air energy water heater storage water is more than 100 liters, in principle than electric water heater power saving 35%, but air energy water heater because the water storage tank is too large, so it occupies more places, such as water storage and water use far away In order to have hot water at any time, it is necessary to install a double circuit, so that the heat energy is lost, and the advantage of saving electricity is gone. When the temperature is low, the water temperature may not go up, and it should be used with caution in winter.

Third, what are the precautions for the purchase of household water heaters?

1. Pay attention to the brand. Water heaters such as large appliances for quality requirements are relatively high, in the choice should pay attention to the selection of trusted big brands, generally speaking, the reputation of big brands will be better, quality and technology will be more trustworthy, buy water heaters do not be greedy, too low price of water heaters to choose carefully.

2. Pay attention to the selection of capacity. No matter what kind of water heater will be classified according to capacity, we can make corresponding choices according to the number of family population, of course, sometimes you need to consider the size of the bathroom, the distance of the bathroom from the kitchen and other factors. Choose the right capacity size according to family members and house size, such as a family of 3-4 people, with two bathrooms, no problem in summer, and consideration in winter. Then choosing a 16-liter gas water heater is a must. If the capacity is small, it will lead to the phenomenon of small water output, slow water output, and insufficient hot water supply.

3. Pay attention to after-sales service. When choosing a water heater, you must pay attention to after-sales service, generally speaking, the after-sales service of big brands will be longer, and you can enjoy a series of services such as free relocation and free cleaning, and the follow-up will save a lot.

When families buy water heaters, it is recommended to pay attention to their own needs, such as the number of family population, families, installation areas according to the needs of their own families to choose the right water heater, although air energy water heaters are easy to use, but not necessarily suitable for all families, everyone should carefully consider before purchasing.