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Although inconspicuous, socks play an important role in our lives as a necessity in life.

According to statistical estimates, the domestic demand for cotton socks is about billions of pairs per year, growing at a high speed every year, the demand is very large, socks themselves are consumables, whether men and women old and young to wear, no crowd restrictions, socks machine production of socks, a variety of styles, rich patterns.

Over the years, Chengdu Jinzhonghui Industrial Development Co., Ltd. has taken the initiative to eliminate backward production capacity, improve the level of socks production through intelligent manufacturing, raw materials and mechanical research and development, and make the traditional socks industry burst out with new vitality with creativity and brand power, relying on “Internet +” and “socks art +” and other elements.

Yuxiufang socks machine relies on the advantages of industrial clusters and the production and processing advantages it already has, and still has strong market capabilities, and foreign large orders still tend to place orders in Chengdu Jinzhonghui Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Therefore, it is believed that in a long period of time in the future, Yasi socks industry still has strong vitality, especially a large number of leading innovation, transformation and upgrading of slightly faster growth enterprises in the socks industry, showing vigorous vitality.

Chengdu Jinzhonghui Industrial Development Co., Ltd. jade embroidery socks machine production socks management digital transformation system, do not need to directly transform the sock machine, as long as the sock machine, head turning machine, sewing head machine, etc. in series, with intelligent means to manage, and there is a detection system, and there is a robotic arm transmission, from yarn into the whole process of digital production. What used to be done by 30 people may now be done by 3 people.

Chengdu Jinzhonghui Industrial Development Co., Ltd. jade embroidery workshop socks machine “do fine socks, more environmentally friendly, more comfortable, healthier” declaration, in addition to the fashion to the end, in the industry to take the lead in the combination of marketization and fashion deep packaging, a variety of exquisite boxed children’s socks, men’s socks, women’s socks and other high-grade products quickly caused a sensation in the high-end consumer groups and fashion couples.

Therefore, investing in the purchase of jade embroidery workshop socks machine is a good opportunity to start a business. The company’s equipment is automated, so investors save a lot of costs. And you don’t need experience, Chengdu Jinzhonghui Industrial Development Co., Ltd. is responsible for free technical guidance, quick to get started, men and women of all ages can master, everyone can be the boss. Moreover, the company will also provide investors with raw materials and packaging materials, co-produce with you, and teach hosiery records for free. And the investment partner only needs to be responsible for production, the company is responsible for sales, and there is absolutely no need to worry about sales, the more you weave, the more you earn.

Jade embroidery workshop socks machine products have more than 200 kinds of flowers such as jacquard, embroidery, thin flowers and so on. Socks contain more than 93% cotton, which has the advantages of comfortable wearing, breathable, sweat absorption, beautiful and not smelly feet. Strong warmth in winter, good breathability in summer, high cost performance, deeply loved by all kinds of consumer groups, fully embodying the combination of health and fashion.

Chengdu Jinzhonghui Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Yuxiufang socks machine in order to support the success of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in order to further meet the increasing sales, specially recruit enterprising, enthusiastic and capable partners to the society, to provide a platform for small and medium-sized investment entrepreneurs to get rich!