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Supermaster: I saved a return capsule crisis;

Spacewalk: I use space materials;


Co-branded limited edition

There are parts I made on the spacecraft!

Aerospace watches, from Benge space watches, replicas, will eventually become theme watches, because the various functions of spacecraft, including timekeeping, are becoming more and more complete, and they are less and less dependent on watches to deal with black swans. But to this day, there are still watch manufacturers who launch space watches. At the level of “traditional symbols” and “symbols of technological culture”, space watches still have a reason for existence.

Watch is a traditional industry, and almost all achievements in watch research and development come from more advanced industries, such as aerospace. However, this time, Citizen has exported its own unique secrets to the more advanced aerospace industry with its own strength-

Shubo ™ Titanium

, precisely, some parts of the Japanese spacecraft were made by Citizen. This spacecraft is

, this watch is the West Iron to be mentioned below


Space watches, from the first order to


The latest model of the century

Space watches, which began with the Omega Speedmaster, were first manual movements. then


Select the Speedmaster as a backup timer for the moon landing plan through blind tasting (a bit like in military equipment

Side arm

, pistol).

Primary order space table, one table multi-functional (intravehicular table, worksheet, extravehicular table). The Speedmaster became a lunar watch, a lunar watch, in short, a moonshot-themed head watch.

In fact, many brands have space watches. The second-generation space watch, in addition to segmented timing, also has special timing and other functions, which are subdivided according to the use scenario (in-cabin, extravehicular, worksheet).

However, the space watch is basically the original purpose, as a backup timepiece, with a segmented chronograph function (computer meter), manual or automatic movement, still belongs to the category of traditional watches, and all become theme watches.

A new generation of space watches, all the functions of the past. Completely different from the previous one, technology feedback or feedback – using its own technology to participate in the manufacture of spacecraft. Neither a Benge aerospace watch, nor a replica, but a super space-themed watch!

The only suspense is that if Japan carries out manned spaceflight in the future, what will the astronauts wear as spacewatches?

Then West Rail

What is the difference between the joint limited edition model and the previous one?

In addition to the functional spillover mentioned earlier, there are many technical details, such as the sculptural shape of the case; Precision microforming technology, etc., these are rarely heard of on traditional watches, after all, few watch manufacturers for the aerospace industry.

The watch factory manufactures the spacecraft

Watch fans should be no strangers to the material of grade 5 titanium. This metal has many properties better than steel, but it is more difficult to process, so it is rare and expensive. Many watches are proud to use grade 5 titanium and proudly say “from the aerospace field”.

But this time, Citizen said: “We provide parts made of CITIZEN ™ Super Titanium™ technology for lunar landers and lunar rovers.” To put it bluntly, it is the spacecraft with our technology and parts. This is a great honor for the watch brand.

Everyone must think that Citizen is a watch factory. This judgment cannot be said to be wrong, but it is a little incomplete. Citizen Group has four pillars, including watches, machine tools, electronics, etc.

Since its inception in 1970, Citizen

The watch went viral. Recently, it was once inspired by the moon landing

Return to space again (for commercial lunar exploration) and make due contributions to opening up new fields for mankind.

To celebrate its close collaboration with ispace, which is responsible for the HAKUTO-R lunar exploration project, Citizen launched two models


West Rail

The joint limited edition watches, “Moon Sea” and “Moon Back”, show off the development of this unique material and the brand’s dedication to cutting-edge technology. This watch is hypoallergenic, lighter than steel, and at the same time extremely strong, resistant to pressure and rust. precisely

Its superior performance makes it the manufacturing material for many parts of the lunar lander and lunar rover in the iSpace lunar mission.

Citizen x HAKUTO-R co-branded limited edition – “Moonback” (left), “Moonsea” (right)

Citizen with

The manufactured watches have won the favor of ispace for their super durability, and there are many years of close cooperation. ispace is responsible for the HAKUTO-R lunar exploration project.

Schuber ™ titanium sculpture

The artistic term “sculpture” first appeared in high-value car design. The improvement of the level of automotive sheet metal manufacturing has made sculpture possible.

In other words, Rolls-Royce also wanted to use this method back then, but the shell factory did not support it.

Just released

Citizen x HAKUTO-R joint limited edition


Case and strap, created


The silhouette. Spacecraft can be built, what is difficult about the sculpture of the case?

The only difficulty is that subtlety, watches pay attention to miniature and subtlety, and Citizen Group’s pillar business has precision manufacturing, which is not only used in the service watch industry, but also in cutting-edge fields.

Fine taste

At first glance, you would think it was a Speedmaster. The classic computer shape, two abacus, is indeed an authentic chronograph.

“Moon Sea”

(Model is CC4016-75E), the appearance of “polishing” is Citizen’s unique surface treatment process:

1. DLC (diamond-like carbon, black effect)

2. MRK-Gold (gold effect)

How can a space watch live without the moon?

The light and shadow effect of the lunar surface created on the dial, the 3D three-dimensional dial with the dark main tone, with the gold outer bezel, is just like the lustrous full moon hanging high in the deep sky, and also exudes the infinite brilliance of the moon.

Like traditional watches,

The 6 o’clock dial uses natural mother-of-pearl. 44mm diameter, fluorescent pointer scale, large calendar, day and night are clearly visible.

Traditional watches have a limitation, the bigger the brand, the more conscious, that is, the case can not be made casually bigger, a look at the back, small horse-drawn cart. So the size of the Speedmaster stays below 42 forever, no way, the caliber size is there. If you want to wear a bigger, technical watch, then this Moon Sea is a good choice. There is a big reason, on the one hand, the reason for the kinetic energy of light, and on the other hand, it is convenient to show the sculptural sense of the case.

Citizen x HAKUTO-R co-branded limited edition “Moonsea” CC4016-75E

“Complications” should be there, but it’s beyond your imagination

A mechanical watch that compares bulls, the complications you wish to have, alarms, dual time zones, 24 hours, UTC, etc., “Moon Sea” all have it.

Mechanical chronographs usually achieve an accuracy of 1/10th of a second (the El Primero at Zenith), and the “Moon Sea” has a timekeeping accuracy of 1/20th of a second.

There is also a perpetual calendar function.

Of course, you also know that making a mechanical movement do so much work is either a pocket watch or a sky-high price.

All functions are thanks to the Citizen Photokinetic Satellite timing F950 movement, which receives the time signal transmitted by the GPS navigation satellite (the time signal can be received within 3 seconds).

The specially designed case back is designed as a HAKUTO-R lander, printed by transparent resin + inkjet, and is limited to 50 pieces in China, which is very commemorative.

The joint limited edition “Moonback” AT8185-71E

Isn’t this the dark side of the moon? The design style combines a resolute technical look with romantic design.

To be honest, it was also a great courage to dare to sail around the dark side of the moon. As for romance, didn’t we always believe that there was Chang’e on the moon? Maybe you can find it on the dark side of the moon.

It is said that this theme should use mysterious meteorites. But if Citizen’s watches use meteorites as dials, it is estimated that the meteorite market in the universe will skyrocket. So how to express the shining cosmic starry sky with the dial? Citizen three-dimensional moon pattern printed with layered inkjet.

Two subdials are outlined in gold on the top and bottom of the dial, and the function dial and the radio signal reception display are stored in it.

The mechanical chronograph has a very beautiful dial design, only retaining two small dials of 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock, dynamic and simple.

“Moon Back”

The 9 o’clock position was originally a 24-hour indicator dial, but the contour design was hidden, so that the whole disk surface was simplified and presented with the beauty of balance.

The spiked indexes increase the depth of the dial, and the tips and hands are coated with fluorescent coatings to ensure legibility and clarity.

So, moonback this watch, accurate?

It should be said that precision, for

For the two co-branded limited edition watches, that’s not a thing!

Lunar Sea” is satellite timed, while

It’s radio wave pairing,

In case there is a bug in the satellite system one day, isn’t there still a radio wave?

“Moon Back” uses another movement –

Citizen H800 photokinetic movement has all the necessary performance, not afraid of the most discerning users, such as low power warning function, remaining power level display, prevention of overcharging, photokinetic energy power saving, etc.


Leave the complexity to yourself and the convenience to the user

The operating system is simple and easy to use and extremely compatible, otherwise, I am really afraid that the temper will drop the watch. The “Moon Back” operating system is as simple as simply rotating the crown to select functions. If you don’t want to play, you can stop the function with two buttons (you can also start it).

The laser-printed HAKUTO-R logo is printed on the back of the watch and is limited to 100 pieces in China.

Said for a long time, this West Rail

Joint limited edition, what does HAKUTO mean?


So, a rabbit (or boyfriend rabbit) friend, this is a rare opportunity.

Those friends who observe the Chinese market abroad, here is a little information for you, the price of “moonback” is RMB24800 yuan; “Yuehai” 15800 yuan.



Co-branded limited edition

Shubo ™ Titanium

Shubo ™ Titanium

Shubo ™ Titanium

Shubo ™ Titanium

Shubo ™ Titanium

Shubo ™ Titanium






West Rail

West Rail

Citizen x HAKUTO-R joint limited edition

Citizen x HAKUTO-R joint limited edition


“Moon Sea”

“Moon Sea”

“Moon Sea”

“Moon Sea”

“Moon Back”

“Moon Back”

“Moon Back”