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The cultivation of Leling golden silk jujube began in the Shang Zhou Dynasty, flourished in the Wei and Jin dynasties, flourished in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, has a history of more than 3,000 years, and is now a national geographical indication product of China.

Leling is famous for its rich production of golden silk jujubes, known as “Baili Jujube Township”, and is a specialty of Leling City, Shandong.

Leling golden silk jujube, break open the semi-dry jujube, you can clearly see that the wisps of gold wire composed of pectin and sugar are adhered between the flesh, stretched 1-2 inches continuously, shining in the sun, hence the name of the golden silk jujube.

Yesterday, I drove with my friends to Leling, the production area of golden silk jujubes. To be honest, since the sixties of the last century, there have been hears and hearsay. But this is the first time you can see the magnificent scenery of the 100-acre jujube forest with your own eyes.

Walking into the jujube forest, there is a crisp popping sound under the feet, the golden silk jujube landed on the ground layer, there is nowhere to step on, as long as the foot is located, it must step on a few.

About Leling Golden Silk Jujube,

Northern Wei Jia Sixun’s “Qi Min Zhishu” vividly wrote: “Plumping the muscles and fine core, ointing more fat and beautiful, is the first in the world.”

The sugar content of golden silk jujube is as high as 70-80%, and each hundred grams of dried dates can produce 308 kcal; Each 100 grams of dried dates contains 1.5 grams of protein, which is equivalent to 5-10 times that of apples; Each 100 grams of dried dates contain 700 mg of vitamin C, which is 100 times that of apples, and is known as a “live vitamin pill”. In addition, it also contains 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body and rich in calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and other trace elements.

Golden silk jujube also has high health value, pulp, pit, bark are all commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine. There is a local folk saying: “If you eat dates a day, you will not see old all year round”. Regular eating can “replenish the five internal organs, invigorate qi and calm the spirit, nourish the appearance and prevent aging”. Shandong is one of the high incidence areas of liver disease in China, but in several old jujube areas such as Zhuji, Yunhong and Hujia, the incidence of liver disease is particularly low. and

There is a direct connection between the perennial consumption of golden silk dates.

In the Ming and Qing dynasties, the cultivation of small jujube trees in Leling was developed to varying degrees. especially

Ming Taizu

After Zhu Yuanzhang came to the throne, in order to restore and develop agricultural production that had been in turmoil for a long time, he issued an edict to the world: “Jujube and persimmon can be sold in a good year, and food can be eaten in a bad year” advocating the local people to plant jujube trees on a large scale.

In 2009, Leling had a jujube area of 1.15 million mu and 37.4 million jujube trees, including 23.6 million jujube trees and 13.8 million winter jujube trees, basically achieving 1 mu of small jujube dense plantation and 0.3 mu of winter jujube dense plantation per capita, and the jujube tree area and jujube fruit output ranked first in the country’s jujube-producing counties (cities).

It is the harvest season for dates.

Such a thick jujube tree can only be seen in the 10,000-acre jujube forest in Leling.

The fruit is abundant and dense.

In the jujube forest, the kind of red dates are not very delicious, and this half-red and half-green is the first to eat.

The scenery under the jujube trees is all over the ground, there is nowhere to stay, and when you land, you must step on the jujube, making a crisp popping sound.

Such a thick jujube tree is not uncommon in Leling, and it is everywhere.

A 100-year-old jujube king.

Sculpture of dates.

Local date farmers swept up truckloads of dates on the ground and screened them when they returned home.

This is a “mother and child tree”.

This is a pure Leling golden silk date.

Date farmers screened fresh dates for sale. Traditionally, this year should be a bumper harvest year, but in fact, the production of dates is low and the price is high.

Jujube farmers have abandoned jujube to work, and there is no one to manage it, resulting in a large reduction in the production of jujube, the growth is not good, and there are few high-quality jujubes

September 15, 2021

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