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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Tear-up trim to show skinny cropped jeans

The side of the trouser leg is spliced and contrasted, and there is a blooming sense of extension, so on the basis of the side looks good, add a little eye-catching careful machine, the overall white, there is a slight sense of aging, it looks very good

Cropped microflared pants

9-point flared pants, split cuff design, calf back looming, just showing the most beautiful ankle, sexy! Coupled with the texture of the Korean imported fabric itself, it can show the slenderness of the calf, and it is absolutely thin!

Irregular micro-flared jeans

Also for beggars, raw jeans have a simple and original beauty. And deliberately treat the front and back of the trouser legs in different lengths to pursue an asymmetrical beauty. The unseamed legs and scattered white whiskers all reveal the rebellion of a hippie. Don’t like to roll your pants with the trend, but afraid of not being fashionable?

High-rise frayed washed jeans

The flared pants are more suitable for thicker calves than the upper body of the general leg wrap, which will cover the calf defects, and it looks like the leg shape is straighter and thinner.

Flared tassels ripped skinny jeans

The popularity of flared pants is back, the difference is that the design sense is increased, and the design with tassels at the foot mouth makes the flared pants more fashionable.

High-waisted slightly flared jeans

Trendy flared pants for everyone This season can’t be missed again! The gradient process increases the overall sense of layering The slim, high-waisted retro fit makes people look thin and tall and show their leg length Visually has the magic of moving the legs up by 10CM as a whole, making people willful anytime, anywhere!

High-rise stretch micro-flared pants

Seven-point micro-flared pants, elegant with a little willfulness, easy to control any occasion, seven-point length just to the small belly, slightly loose and slightly flared to highlight thin little feet, slim fit, stretch material, upper body comfort is very strong, classic black, how to match!