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When I wrote about workwear or military style before, there were always friends who asked the editor to talk about an issue of “Ami Click”. After waiting for a long time, finally waiting for today, the warm wear is approaching, and it’s time for a wave of Ami clicks.

What is Ami Click?

So what is amekaji? We can’t find an exact word to describe it, some people say it is “American casual”, if you want to use Chinese to describe it, the closest word should be “American retro”, but vintage is divided into many types, and Ami can only be said to contain it.

Many people may think of denimin when they see Ami Click, and that can only be said that you still don’t know much about the culture behind the word. Although we are talking about “American style”, when we talk about Ami Kachi style, it is inseparable from Japan. After World War II, Japan was greatly influenced by American culture, and some American-style items gradually began to penetrate their lives, and people yearned for American life and loved American culture.

In the 90s, Japan began to replicate some classic American style items of the 40~60s of the last century, from denim to motorcycle jackets to military products, unlike today’s cottage, people’s reproduction is really intentional, done very well, and slowly formed the culture of Amei Ka. So maybe we will put the work style, the military uniform style, the locomotive style in the United States … Distinguish, but they are all included in the Ami Ka style.

What styles does Ami Chatter include?

●Tooling style

The workwear style is familiar to everyone with Ami Click. 100 years ago, when workers wore these uniforms to work, they should have imagined that the clothes they wore every day that were dirty and undistressed would become fashionable now.

These clothes should not have much thought about aesthetics at that time, and the main thing was to think about good wear-resistant quality. And now these blue cloth cotton clothes, jeans… But it has become a favorite of retro style lovers, and there are few people who like Ami Click.

● Western cowboy style

Maybe when it comes to western cowboys, some people have to say that you didn’t talk about denim before, in fact, many people will confuse these two denims, jeans started from the gold rush, but western cowboys did not wear jeans at first. Their logos were marked by a large metal buckled belt, leather boots and cowboy hat, but later denim elements began to be added.

After a series of deformations, denim style is also in today’s Ami Kachi style, and is favored by many people with its strong masculinity.

● Military wind

Since World War II, because the design of military uniforms at that time was simple and practical, it set off a boom after flowing into the people. Since then, many garment manufacturers have begun to make coats similar to military uniforms, so this is also a style that has a great influence on American retro style.

Nowadays, the military style can also be often seen in Ami Ka style pieces. Military jackets like N1, B10, M65 and so on are very popular.

● Locomotive wind

The biker riding a Harley motorcycle became popular in the 50s with the screen image of some Hollywood stars, such as Marlon Brando in “Speeding Party”, white T, street bike jacket, large flip jeans, leather boots are simply masculine, and men are rushing to follow suit.

There are still many men who love this tough image full of male hormones.

●IVY wind

Many people may not be too familiar with the ivy style in Ami Kaka, because the elements of denim and workwear are too ingrained in everyone’s mind. In fact, we also said earlier that Ami Ka combines various American retro styles, and the ivy image of wearing a shirt pullover sweater or tweed suit is also one of them.

This is also why we can see some preppy or sporty style in the Ami Kai style, Ami Ka is not all rough, it can also have elegance and vitality.

● Indian style

After the Vietnam War, music and hippie became a big hit, and young people joined in, in fact, the hippie style was also deformed from the Indian style. This is where the handmade jewelry such as silver jewelry, leather goods, beads and so on, which are very popular in Ami Kaka, began here.

Classic elements of the Ami Ka style

● Work clothes

Since you can think of workwear when it comes to Ami Click, how can you not have a workwear jacket if you want to follow Ami Click, which is the core item of this style.

In addition to cargo jackets, in fact, jumpsuits and suspenders are also representative items of workwear, but if you want to try, you must first live in your soul with vintage, otherwise I am afraid that you will not be able to hold it.

● Leather jacket

A tough leather jacket and rugged jeans can blow the wind of the American West in the fifties.

● Cowboy

Needless to say, denim jackets and raw cows are one of the indispensable elements of Ami Click.

●Loose straight-leg pants

Because the previous era was mainly to be convenient and comfortable, most of the pants were loose straight pants, and workers were sent a pair of long pants with no money and no leisure to change, so most of them turned their pants to wear. It is also the most common item in today’s Ami Ka style.

●Large leather boots

The rugged-lined leather boots are also definitely a favorite of Ami Ka lovers, especially the bloody red wing.

● Canvas

Durable and wear-resistant has always been the keyword in American retro items, and canvas bags are such a existence, in addition to being practical and in line with the current fashion trend, it is naturally indispensable.

A brand in the style of Amei Ka Chatter

●THE REAL McCOYS [Japan’s top replica brand


[Especially jeans, the quality of the replica is not to be said. ]


[Low-key boutique tooling brand, cost-effective

The style of Ami Ka does not mean that you can draw the scoop according to the gourd exactly according to the style mentioned above, the point is that you can break them and reassemble them to wear your own Ami Ka Tsi, for example, many people think that Ami Ka must wear the vicissitudes of life, but some people turn it into a fresh version, which is also very tasteful.

Some people think that they are arrogant when they buy a rare vintage, but in fact, the real Ami Kaga lovers can not only buy and ride, but even the culture in it can be said to be the first, that is called a master.

Some people say: People who like Ami Ka are dressed up to look like they have no money with very expensive money, what do you think?

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