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Hello, bibis! This is the gossip section of Uncle Grass’s beep, I don’t know if you know the nearest one

[Station sister wearing a suspender to seduce suspected IDOL incident]!

“Uncle Cao, I picked up a screenshot of Jie Ge Yazi’s”

In fact, this is not a large scale (everyone who has seen the world nods),

Shouldn’t fans go to the airport to pick up and watch celebrities? How can I even care what the fans wear!!

Uncle Cao personally feels: what people love to wear is her freedom, and it is also your freedom to feel that it is appropriate or not,

But posting photos of people’s girls on the Internet without authorization also has insulting words, is Ning a bit disciplined and disrespectful?

In fact, when you see girls wearing suspenders and other revealing clothes on the road, passers-by will take a few more looks, bah! I mean more sensitive! But in fact, in the eyes of many people:

Sling ≠ sau

As long as you choose well, the suspenders can actually be dressed beautifully and high-end!

Here! If you don’t believe it, look at the fairies wearing suspenders ↓

Slings can also be sweet or salty. And girls like Zhong Chuxi,

One person can master both styles.

This will also be handsome out on the street with sunglasses

When I got to the beach, I changed to a sweet girl style

In addition to this strappy shirt,

The asymmetrical design of the suspenders is more popular with celebrities and fashion bloggers!

Like what



If there is a girl who wants to try, it is recommended that you can buy the following basic model of solid color to try,

The design of this chuu early autumn new strap below is also eye-catching!

In addition, I also found that girls wearing suspenders or vests will have a trouble

Obviously I bought a fit, but after walking for a long time or eating too much clothes, I will shrink up,

The meat ran out…

If you want to wear the sense of suspender style, but at the same time are afraid of showing the belly of the girl, tell you to eat less I know that it is impossible to drop, I recommend you can also try it:

Siamese sling


Compared to ordinary suspenders, one-piece suspenders still have many advantages:

One word

Wear it and go out on the street with peace of mind! Swing as much as you like!

(It doesn’t mean that you can eat and drink)

Lisa’s black is paired with Topshop’s one-piece suspenders, and the knitted model shows off her figure:

Think black is too monotonous and dull? HM has a yellow striped model, which has a more summer taste!

An important point: thin suspenders and square necks will look more slender than U-necks!

Summer is about to have summer Yazi, try some more vivid colors, it will look more refreshing and vibrant!

Turning into a rainbow sugar girl only needs one heel

Qi Yandi

The same colorful suspenders,

Wear yours with a simple pair of jeans

You can take beautiful summer photos~

If you’re still not bright enough, then don’t miss this year’s sudden hit

fluorescent color,

Using fluorescent colors as embellishments is actually a good way to make the overall match more eye-catching!

This light-colored fluorescent green is very suitable for pretending to be tender and changing into Korean girls in seconds:

In addition to being good-looking, the suspender is also a versatile artifact, but how to match it to be beautiful “out of the circle”? Today I would like to further discuss with you~

Jeans must have several pairs in everyone’s wardrobe, you can try to change to suit pants,

Especially choose high-waisted, straight-legged pants, which appear long and straight,

You will find that wearing suspenders can also be so cool & capable!


This summer, Zhou Yutong’s private clothes have appeared a lot of this type of outfit, and most of the layered are more Hawaiian-style floral shirts.

This way of wearing is quite worth learning, because practical occasions are often gray ~ shopping, vacation, see idols? All right!! See my parents, three aunts, and six mothers-in-law are all properly dripping!

Many girls really want to wear suspenders, but they dare not wear them because they are not confident in their figures! All right

Before practicing swan arms, you can wear such a short-sleeved shirt to worship the meat, and it will be more fashionable.

To paraphrase a sentence from Zhou Yutong:

Don’t lose your cool!!!

No sling in summer is complete without a few sweet and salty suspenders,

I hope you girls can buy a great suspender before the summer is over!

As for those that will say:

“Girls wearing XXX is a riot!”

of people

It really only takes 4 words to reply


Close! You! Fart! Affair!

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