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To this day, the M-51 is one of the most elaborate field jackets issued by the U.S. Army. The M-51 was based on the M-43 combat uniform, and in times of war, due to the cold weather, buttons and front middle zippers were added to the combat uniform, increasing the warmth effect. Because of the fashionable design, many replicas became popular after the war, and they will be warm to wear in the autumn and winter seasons.

In terms of fabric, the M-51 is made of high-quality nylon/cotton satin, with four large front buckled lid pockets, two internal pocket pockets, a stylish epaulette design, and drawstrings at the waist and hem to keep soldiers warm and windproof and walk more flexibly. This military uniform has a loose design, and you can usually consider buying a smaller size, otherwise it is difficult to control.

The M-51 is very similar to the M-1943 except for buttons and zippers. As an oversized multi-layered jacket, its colour retains the classic OG 107 olive. Although the war is over, there are still many soldiers who like them, including the younger generation of fashionistas, who are more sought after than their successor, the M-65.

Mifflin, from the Philippines, buys a vintage U.S. Army M-51 field jacket at an antique store. After 5 years of wearing and countless washing, sharing with others on the Internet the old faded effect he has cultivated, the appearance of every part of its whitening is the baptism of the years, will you be impressed by this color fall?

This replica of the M-1951 is made from 9 ounces of hardy fabric, and the New Period M-51 jacket was originally dark green, only to come after repeated weather conditions, severe wear and tear and multiple cleanings. And in addition to the attractive fade of this jacket, the overall fade is relatively uniform, and it looks like an old and new model.

As the saying goes, everything can be raised, except for wearing primary color jeans and denim jackets. If you are also a military fan and like military uniforms, then this M-51 jacket is naturally indispensable. If you are interested, you can also follow Denimsay (Denimsay) to leave a message to communicate with us, thank you.

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