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There are many styles of winter booties~ And this year’s frosted leather booties have also become popular with retro! Frosted leather is the surface of leather after being frosted by a grinding machine to produce a velvet feeling, and it is more breathable, comfortable and textured after making shoes. Fashionable design of brushed leather boots, in addition to being more breathable and comfortable to wear, the appearance also has a GAO-level feeling!

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The vintage-style white Martin boots are made of high-quality beef suede and have a short plush interior for warmth in autumn and winter. Two color options to meet the individual needs of different young women. The sole is a non-slip and wear-resistant rubber outsole that can easily cope even in rain boots weather. THE HEEL HEIGHT OF 3CM WITH A 1.5CM PLATFORM LENGTHENS THE BODY AND INCREASES COMFORT AND HEIGHT.

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This matte leather round toe boots, the simple and bright last shape can always save some effort to match, and this rounded and three-dimensional boots, with a 5.5CM block heel, can stretch the leg line, the leg shape is more thin and slender. Therefore, it is both easy to match and conducive to modifying the leg shape, and it should be included.

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These unique block heeled booties will not only instantly light up your stylish LOOK, but also make it easy to play with the style under your feet. The shoe is made of high-quality matte leather, which is full of texture and comfortable and breathable. The fashionable pointed toe block heel design modifies the line of the foot while subtly dispersing the pressure on the soles of the feet, allowing the wearer to easily show off the fashion of beautiful legs.

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The warm orange gives a warm and gentle feeling on the cold autumn night, adding a retro and modern temperament to the whole outfit. It combines the current color contrast elements, with a large area of orange on the shoe body combined with the black of the collar, full of design. And these boots are thick heels, so that you will not get tired even after a day of walking.

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A stylish bootie will be sought after by ladies, and this brown belt buckle is full of retro booties. The ankle-length design is not only beautiful and elegant, but also comfortable, and the solid color design adds a bit of elegance to the overall atmosphere. The material of frosted cowhide presents a retro atmosphere in the overall creation.

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The upper is made of high-quality matte cowhide material, which has good breathability, wear resistance and wrinkle resistance, allowing your feet to breathe freely; With elongated legs, natural visual presentation, and foreword designed heel, your fashion on the street attracts more attention from others.

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For urban commuter shoes, simplicity is king. This look is a masterpiece of simplicity and classics, with low-key and elegant matte leather, combined with a slightly patterned patchwork decoration, so that the shoes do not lose the details in the simplicity. The rounded and pointed toe shape is comfortable to wear and shows off your feet, with a 6.5cm block heel and the support of a cow tendon sole, making your commuting road smoother and walking out of a confident and calm steady pace.

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A very design of shoes, the heel is high, the heel is wrapped in a good heel, will not grind the feet, but also added a metal bright stone texture of the mixing tape for decoration, the small drop bead is very attractive, the bevel is made of high-quality beef reverse wool fabric, exquisite workmanship, more firm and durable, frosted feel delicate and unique, with breathable fabric and non-slip sole, light and comfortable on the upper foot, no sweat and zero restraint, away from the root of the smelly foot