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It seems that Lin Zhiying can be seen taking Kimi on vacation abroad every three to five. Recently, Lin Zhiying’s family of three embarked on a journey of travel again. On the afternoon of June 10, Xiaozhi posted the nine-square grid, and said: The first stop of the journey, Brother Hemi’s dream place, Legoland, the room also indicated that he wanted to be a pirate!

In other words, Kimi’s look is also too funny! Wearing a white T-shirt and denim shorts, his jacket was tied around his waist, and he seemed to have two toy knives on his shoulders! Such handsome equipment made Zhouzhou can’t help but think of Kimi’s childhood often milky disgust “this is not cool at all”. At the door of the Legoland theme park, in addition to seeing “Legoland”, we can also see the following “California”, that is, California, which means that Kimi is in Legoland in the United States at the moment.

With her own cool equipment, Kimi walks with a different momentum. Netizens sighed that Kimi has grown taller! As for why Kimi has not been allowed to show her face for so long, Lin Zhiying’s explanation is because Kimi has already gone to school, so she has temporarily stopped shadowing…

Although Kimi came, his younger brothers did not. These two children are so sad, they have hardly seen Lin Zhiying and Chen Ruoyi take them out to play, you must know that Kimi has begun to travel with her parents when she is two years old.

But that doesn’t mean that Xiaozhi has forgotten them, he still has Jenson and Kyson’s names with him, oh, right on the hat. The names of the three brothers are written on the hat, so it must have been made exclusively. But there is still a big difference between the name coming and the person coming, after all, I still want to silently feel sorry for JJ and KK for three seconds.

Lin Zhiying also shared the theme room of Kimi, this decoration is simply not too cool, in addition to envy, I don’t know what to say!

It was not only Xiaozhi who took photos, but Chen Ruoyi also shared a wave of family photos. Chen Ruoyi is wearing a white T-shirt printed with a robot cat, wearing a sunhat and sunglasses, pursing her lips and smiling to take a selfie, after all, she is young, Chen Ruoyi’s skin is in very good condition, fair and watery, very beautiful!

Chen Ruoyi rarely posts positive photos of Lin Zhiying on social networking sites, which can be said to be very low-key, and this time is no exception. Both Xiaozhi and Kimi showed only one side face. Brother Hemi sat in Dadby’s arms, and the father and son looked at the scenery on the right shore very consistently, and the picture was very loving.

Chen Ruoyi also gave Kimi a close-up of the back of her head. Although everyone says that Kimi should not grow such long hair, sweat easily in summer, and lose her masculinity, what can Kimi do if she doesn’t cut it herself? Brother Hemi once decisively rejected Xiaozhi’s offer to cut his hair short, saying that it was his kimi style. So you can only spoil it! But Kimi’s hair is really good, black and shiny.

Chen Ruoyi also relayed Kimi’s travel testimonial: My dream has finally come true! Kimi is still so innocent and cute. Indeed, sometimes dreams are set a little lower, and when you achieve them, you will be especially satisfied and happy.

This is just the first stop of the trip, looking forward to Xiaozhi and Ruoyi sharing more beautiful family on the way!