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Huang Xiaoming seems to have “opened up” in fashion dressing overnight, presenting a unique look and a great increase in fashion. Now Huang Xiaoming’s outfit can become a template for autumn wear, using sweatshirts and wool wool coats to easily present trendy men’s outfits.

I have to admit that today’s Huang Xiaoming is indeed very good at wearing, after all, the lamb wool coat is not easy for anyone to control, a little inattention will create a sense of “coal boss” déjà vu, if there is no fashion driving ability, it is really difficult to present Huang Xiaoming’s same fashionable effect.

And Huang Xiaoming chose the sweatshirt as the inner layer of the lamb wool coat, which greatly increased the sense of youthfulness and completely avoided the “local tyrant” style. At the same time, the addition of sports-style bottoms also has a somewhat age-reducing effect, making the overall matching more trendy. This style of wearing is indeed quite suitable for autumn, but it requires flexibility to create a trendy effect.

First, lamb hair is not old, and it looks young with sweatshirts

For ordinary people, the lamb wool coat is indeed not easy to control, a little inattention will make the whole person look rustic, and the heavy material is more bloated, want to wear it beautifully, you really need to match it well.

(1) The loose fit adds a sense of casualness, and the cardigan design eases dullness

When choosing a lamb wool coat, Huang Xiaoming paid attention to avoiding the too dull slim fit, but combined with a loose design to greatly increase the sense of trend. The dropped shoulder style can really make the overall match look younger, and the design of the cardigan highlights the freshness of the color inside, making the look look more layered.

(2) The hooded sweatshirt is more vibrant, and the black and white color scheme is more classic

Another reason why Huang Xiaoming can wear this lamb wool coat out of the sense of trend is the choice of underwear, after all, the innate sense of trend of hooded sweatshirts can make the whole person look spirited, even if it appears as an underwear, it will still not affect this sense of vitality. The white sweatshirt not only adds an age-reducing effect from the fit, but also forms a classic black and white match with the jacket in color, making the shape look more harmonious and more layered.

(3) Sneakers add a sense of movement, and the color should be more harmonious

Choosing the same color scheme as the jacket prevents visual fragmentation, thus avoiding fat and short due to the weight of the coat. At the same time, Huang Xiaoming also chose sneakers to add movement, and the small white shoes took the color of the sweatshirt, which not only made the overall shape more light, but also made the matching harmonious and natural, and the whole person was full of trends.

Second, multi-style clothing is very outstanding, you can wear it like this in autumn

If you’re not confident that your lamb wool coat will look like Huang Xiaoming, here are a few ways he can follow suit. In autumn, Huang Xiaoming also likes these looks, which can also create a colorful and fashionable dressing effect.

(1) The denim jacket is very age-reducing, and the fresh color matching is young

The thick and wind-resistant denim jacket is definitely a fashion item not to be missed in autumn, and the material with a stiff feel makes the whole person look quite stylish, easily showing the trendy style. At the same time, the classic denim color scheme can make people feel bright in autumn, presenting an unparalleled fresh and youthful feel.

Not only that, denim jackets are also versatile fashion items, and you can hardly go wrong no matter how you match them. You can choose a black T-shirt and trousers like Huang Xiaoming to build a combination of light and shade, or you can combine dark jeans to create a sense of wholeness, showing a cool retro style, making the body look younger, and the age-reducing effect should not be underestimated.

(2) The sweatshirt is simple and atmospheric, and the Oversize version is cooler

Just as versatile as the denim jacket is the sweatshirt, which can not only adapt to a variety of matching methods, but also present a variety of fashion effects through different shapes. The well-tailored sweatshirt is used as an underwear to make the look more squeamish, and when choosing an oversize fit, it is also stylish.

Huang Xiaoming chose a slightly longer loose sweatshirt to shape the fashion style, although it did not create a high waist line or show superior long legs, but this casual casual style is incomparable, making the overall temperament more casual and full of street style.

(3) Jumpsuits make the shape very smart, and the single color matching is not monotonous

In autumn, the more advanced way to wear is jumpsuits, but it is undeniable that it greatly increases the fashion sense of the look, and the requirements for the figure are also higher. After all, if the body is uneven, it will be immediately exposed through a holistic cut. And Huang Xiaoming’s figure is not bad, and he chose a shirt-style jumpsuit to make his figure look more upright and create a smart and neat shape.

Although a single color scheme was also chosen overall, the addition of the belt made the shape richer, so it did not look monotonous. Of course, in the slightly loose body, the belt can also have the effect of tightening the waist, and it also portrays the proportion of the body, even if there are no long legs, it can also show a good figure through the high waist line.

(4) The suit matching is very eye-catching, and the unique design is more outstanding

If you want to wear it well in autumn, a suit is the perfect fit. The straight cut and shoulder pads can really make the figure look quite straight and give it a bit of stability.

However, ordinary suits may be too tacky, Huang Xiaoming added a fluorescent blue line design to the hem, making the matching look quite eye-catching, presenting a unique fashion effect.

In fact, autumn matching is very simple, a flash of small ideas can make the fashion soar, Huang Xiaoming’s fashion outfits are the right way to open autumn looks, you can also try to lead the fashion trend through these wearing methods.

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