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Children’s cognition of time first comes from more regular things in life, such as when it comes to a certain time, it is time to eat, nap, bath, or some signal prompts, such as it is time to sleep after taking a bath, and it is time to go to children’s paradise to play with a hat.

So as the age increases, various problems come, eating procrastinating, resulting in insufficient meals, and rushing to kindergarten, how to make the baby’s concept of time from vague to clear? When the baby is three or four years old, this is a problem that every hemp has to face!

A tool for recognizing time: the clock

First, let the little pot friend figure out the structure of the clock, and make a clock with a disposable paper plate! The clock is made up of an hour, a minute hand, and 12 numbers.

A tool for recognizing time: a watch

Why does a long needle walk in a circle, but a short needle can walk a square? Because they all mean 60 minutes. Let’s make a watch so that the little pot friends can see the time at any time.

Make a petal clock and recognize hours and minutes

You can also paste petals around the wall clock at home, write the specific time represented by each number, and the short leaves correspond to short needles, which is the number of hours; The long leaves correspond to the minute hand and are the number of minutes. Give it a try, can you accurately tell the time?

Clock hat (gift template)

Let’s make a clock hat together, Ma Ma to dial the hour hand, tell the little pot friend “how many the hour hand points and how many the minute hand points”, let them follow the prompts, come to a time telling competition!

Golf Time Match (Complimentary Template)

Let’s play a golf game again~ Only by finding the time corresponding to the clock can you golf into the hole!

Apple Time Telling (Gift Template)

There is a clock on each apple, so let the little pot friends find the corresponding number of times!

Make an alarm (give away a template)

DIY an alarm clock, set the time to the designated location, such as meal time: 12:00, reading time 19:00, bath time 20:00. Then put it together with the real alarm clock. When the real alarm clock points to the same time as the alarm clock, go according to plan! The concept of time is slowly cultivated.

Hourly time telling and writing format (complimentary template)

There are 12 alarm clock cards and 12 hourly time cards, report the alarm time and find the corresponding time number card! Familiarize yourself with the format in which time is written.

Pumpkin alarm clock (free template)

There are 3 time options on each pumpkin clock card, see which of them is correct? Let’s clamp it at the right time with a wooden clip!

If your little pot friend is also asking countless times, “What time is it?” What time is it”, so let’s start time recognition!

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