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2020 is almost over, but Li Ning’s surprise to us is not over, not long ago signed two NBA players: VanVleet and Butler, people are excited, the basketball field is considered to be fruitful, but this is not over, in the other

Niche areas

, Li Ning also began to attack the city, or is it really all blooming in all fields?

Erik Ellington’s legendary skateboard shoes

This niche field is skateboarding, which was announced earlier

Erik Ellington

cooperated, launched for it

Exclusive signature shoes

, but before the shoe only had partial photos, recently, Erik Ellington posted the full picture of the shoe on social media,

Very good looks

Ah, compared to traditional skateboard shoes, he is very special, can Li Ning make a difference this time?

Let’s first introduce some shoes, low-top shape, the appearance is very trendy, Erik Ellington posted this color scheme is more coquettish, using a white, powder-blue scheme, very good-looking, on this pair of shoes, the dog brother also saw a lot of belonging

Wade’s Way

element. For example, the foreskin design at the toe position, and

Wade’s Way 7 generations

It’s a little similar, but the effect of this skateboard shoe is different, which is very interesting.

The toe cap is made by very

Multi-layer material

The front is made of a leather-like material that acts as a collision prevention module to improve the protective performance of the shoe. Then there is a layer of classes

Looks like mono yarn

The material of the toe is wrapped up, and the top is a grid-like pattern, and you can see the pink fabric inside, the mesh material, and some graphic decoration on it. The setting of this toe cap is very rich,

Super layered

The lace system is different from those products on the market, and this curved design reminds the dog brother

Wade’s Way 2nd and 3rd generation

The elements, the laces are also doped

3m reflective light

Yes, this is the standard design of Wade’s Way.

The tongue is made of very common fabric material.


It should be very good, there are two strap designs on the tongue, the laces can be passed through directly, so the advantage is to stabilize the tongue without deviation,

Improves athletic capacity

。 The top of the tongue was designed by Li Ning for it


, above is a circle, inside is divided into left and right areas, each filled with different colors, in the middle of the circle are three horizontal lines, below

of the name.

This logo is very interesting, which reminds the dog brother

Bagua array

The pattern inside, very Chinese design, foreigners are estimated to like this element very much, Erik Ellington can be very awesome like friends to introduce this shoe,


, handsome no?

Many people say that at first glance, you can’t see it

Li Ning’s logo

, Brother Dog thinks it’s okay, Li Ning’s logo is done

Changes in form factor

, placed on the side of the shoe, this logo is very large, and it is painted in obvious black, which may be a little invisible at close range, but it is still relatively clear from afar.

Why did you design Li Ning’s logo like this? Brother Dog thinks the designer wants to put the logo and shoes

Merge with

, look at the material of the logo and the placement of the position, are very intentional, on the one hand enhance the shoes


, on the other hand, shoes are also provided

prop up

, very well designed.

The midsole of the shoe is even more remarkable, and there is a prominent design in the front palm position turned sideways, which I want to name again

Xtep’s Jeremy Lin’s generation

, see what it’s called

Anti-rollover design

Bar, a pair of skateboard shoes are better than your signature basketball shoes, and Brother Dog thinks that Jeremy Lin is more comfortable than JL1 wearing this skateboard shoe.

Speaking of Erik Ellington’s signature shoes, the biggest highlight of the midsole is the use

Full Palm Technology

The outer sole is a translucent crystal bottom, and there are several openings underneath, and you can see the pink material inside, this


, really touching, compared to Nike’s Dunk SB, only the back palm has a small piece of zoom, Li Ning this is a full palm, that

You don’t have to be better than you know who you are, right?

Who is Erik Ellington?

Many people see this, but they still don’t know

Who is that he is actually a very legendary skateboarder, in his 40s, but special


, with long hair, long one”


“Face, talking about his achievements in the skateboarding industry, you may not have any concept, but talking about what he has done in the trend circle may resonate with you a little.

Erik Ellington was a skateboarding, hip-hop brand

One of the founders of SUPRA

, the two cooperated

12 years

For a long time, many classic products have been launched. About SUPRA, everyone may still be confused, but you just need to know that their skateboard shoes,

The appearance is very high

That’s it, once got

Justin Bieber

Many friends who do not skateboard also love to wear their shoes.

There are all kinds of high-top and low-top shoes, and they also keep up with the trend and make them more comfortable

Casual shoes

, this brand is not so famous in China, but tell you his logo, the shape of the shoes, you feel like where you have seen it.

The brand has launched several signature shoes for Erik Ellington, but the appearance is really, just take a look, this is completely

A copy of AJ4

Ah, there is no design to speak of, compared with Li Ning, he is far behind.

Erik Ellington later left SUPRA to start his own shoe brand:


Unlike previous skateboard products, HRS is more luxurious, which is one

A luxury casual leather shoe brand

Well, this span is quite large, but Erik Ellington wears casual clothes and suits

Very handsome


So how did such a powerful and trendy person come into contact with Li Ning? This must not talk about Li Ning’s genes, a long time ago, in fact, Li Ning has made skateboard shoes, and some trendy brands in Hong Kong have cooperated, and also co-branded, but the splash of the product is too small, in recent years Li Ning has picked up the skateboard field again, first signed

HKIT Director Lee Hawk


Extreme Sports Market Division


Because this person too

Supra Corporation

of the employee, he knew Erik Ellington, so there was contact between Li Ning and Erik Ellington, last year


, Erik Ellington appeared in Li Ning, this spokesperson’s identity is really hammered, right? But Li Ning didn’t seem to hype this matter, nor did he popularize Erik Ellington to everyone, many people were very confused, and then so long passed, his signature shoes arrived, to be honest a little slower.

Li Ning board shoes are rising?

But Li Ning did this step very correctly, the current is the era of the rise of board shoes,

Daddy shoes

The trend has been blowing for several years, and everyone always has aesthetic fatigue one day and the next

Hot trend elements

What is it? Brother Dog thinks it might be skateboard shoes, see what competitors are doing?

Nike has been in recent years

Fork Dunk

Series, various color schemes and various joint names, seem to indicate that Nike is going to do something, next year still


In the big year, there have been joint products exposed, and Nike’s idea is clear.

Look at other brands,


Earlier created a signature shoe for contracted player Lucien Clarke,

Louis Vuitton x Lucien Clarke

Skateboard Shoes announces its official entry into the skateboard market, which is one

Luxury brands

Ah, it’s all about to be done, which shows the popularity of this sport.

And also

Under Armour

, probably around 2018, just with

A$AP Rocky

Collaborated and launched signature skateboard shoes, which are very good-looking and very expensive.

It can be seen that skateboarding is a field that major brands are chasing, and in this field, there is no yet

Too mature

The product, that is, everyone has the opportunity to succeed, so everyone wants to try. Of course, as a sports brand, you not only have basketball shoes, football running and other products,

Board shoes

It is also a very important thing, and it must not be without.

Therefore, Li Ning took this step very correctly, from the brand’s recent products, you can also see his determination, such as some time ago

Only pro

, various city co-branding, various versions, the quantity is not much, the price is speculated; It will be reproduced next year


, has been revised, the appearance is more beautiful; There are also various board shoe products in the bulk version, and consumer acceptance is getting higher and higher.

When all this is done, Li Ning’s next step is to sign one

Star players

, tell the world that we are going to make skateboard products, and our products are already very rich, if not caused

tidal current

, then the next time the trend rolls to skateboard shoes, Li Ning can be right away

Get on the express train

, to the front line of the trend.

Domestic board shoes have actually not been done well, and the appearance has been criticized for being too similar to Nike and Adi, and they always can’t get out

Shell head and AF1

The shadow, but this time the dog brother saw

Erik Ellington’s signature shoes

When I felt that novelty, different feeling, Li Ning can also do very well to make board shoes, dog brother believes that Erik Ellington is just the beginning, there are bigger behind, in the same way, board shoes products are the same.

Erik Ellington

Erik Ellington