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As we all know, embroidery is one of the traditional Chinese handicraft skills, in the past period, but also shared with you many wonderful embroidery art works, many foreign artists, on the basis of Chinese traditional embroidery, innovation and combination, the creation of embroidery works are both artistic and appreciative, refreshing.

There are many ways to make embroidery, each method is a stitch transformation, and the stitch method is different, and the embroidery effect is different. Cross stitch is also one of them, using special embroidery threads and cross checker, using warp and weft intertwined crosses to form a beautiful pattern. I don’t know if you realize that ten years ago, cross stitch was popular for a while, because of the easy operation, many people fell in love with cross stitch, but now it seems to have disappeared, and even some people think that it is a little rustic and cannot be on the table.

In fact, as a kind of embroidery, cross stitch is also a very good way of expression, many embroidery artists, or very like to use cross stitch to create embroidery artworks, from Spain artist Raquel Rodrigo, let the exquisite cross stitch “bloom” on the streets of the city.

Raquel Rodrigo’s work is not so much embroidery as a street art “painted” with special materials, because her embroidery work is not embroidered on fabric, but on an entire wall. From a distance, it looks like a flower is opening on the wall, and when you look closer, you can see that the artist has embroidered the flower on a wire grid. The artist’s ingenious combination of architecture and needlework provides a whole new perspective on street art.

Using the traditional cross-stitch method, using hands as needles, thick ropes as threads, and wire as fabrics, this talented artist allows large embroidered flowers to spread throughout the city, dotting the plain facades, and turning the weathered storefront into beautiful handmade pieces, the pattern retains the exquisite beauty of the craftsmanship, making people cry when they see it.

Raquel Rodrigo began exploring this form of expression eight years ago, and over such a long period of time, she constantly sought to combine art and design, tradition and contemporary, craftsmanship and industry, and finally decided to present her ideas in the form of cross-stitch and street art.

Next, let’s enjoy the large-scale street art created by this artist using cross-stitch.