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For trendy girls, try to use clothing to show elegance and class, although it is winter, but still to highlight their fashionable side, then have you tried the “denim jacket” match? Served! Wear it straight into a fashionable elf, don’t miss it this winter, continue to watch this edition of the outfit explanation!

I believe that you in front of the screen are no strangers to denim fabrics, even if you don’t have a denim jacket in your wardrobe, there should be jeans, denim fabrics are relatively hard and straight, so you can easily create a structured and stylish visual effect, will allow you to easily show the temperament of reducing age, suitable for middle-aged women.

The most classic denim jacket on the blogger is the most fashionable, its advantage is of course not only the silhouette length, but also that it is a good-looking style on the upper body, whether you are slightly fat, or have any shortcomings on the body, don’t worry too much, it will help you show your charm.

Maybe some sisters will have questions, now that the weather is so cold, doesn’t it feel cold in a denim jacket? If you only have denim, it will definitely feel cold, but the blogger’s coat is cleverly spliced with lamb wool on the inside, which can greatly improve the overall warmth.

In order to enhance the overall harmony, the blogger also chose a blue sweater when choosing the underwear, this color will echo the classic blue of denim, will not make people feel abrupt, blue itself belongs to the cooling contraction color, has a good modification effect on the figure, so that a coincidence will be thinner.

Since you want to show a casual sense of fashion, you can match a dark blue long straight skirt, which will play a good role in modifying the leg shape, which is very friendly to slightly fat eyebrows, and is also more suitable for sisters with pear-shaped figures, because its length goes all the way to the ankle, so you don’t have to be afraid of cold wind.

The denim jacket is very suitable for layering, if you don’t, you may wish to take a look at the following look, the blogger paired a white T-shirt inside the denim jacket, and then cleverly untied the shirt neckline by two, which can reveal the inner layer, thus creating a richer layer, quite fashionable.

The shape of this denim jacket on the blogger is relatively loose, so you can skillfully combine the tucked waist wearing method, tuck the hem into the waist, and slightly pull out a curve, which can create a casual and lazy atmosphere, just tucking the front hem is enough, which is conducive to clarifying the waist line and showing the slender waist.

Denim jacket is the most fashionable existence, you can match a pair of black trousers, which will inject a calm temperament, and play a role in modifying the shape of the legs, for sisters who are afraid of freezing feet, you can buy a pair of snow boots for yourself, its warmth performance is the strongest in shoes.

The style of denim jacket and lamb wool panels is really worth wearing in daily life, like the denim jacket below, which incorporates the orthodox lapel design, which will play a good role in modifying the neck line, and its shape is relatively short, which will play a role in enhancing the waist line and making you look taller.

For beautiful eyebrows who are not afraid of cold, you can consider being an “anti-season warrior”, borrowing from the blogger’s style, with a black skirt, which will expose slender legs, you can match a pair of white socks, which will reduce leg whiteness and will play a warm role to a certain extent.

Finally, I will introduce you to a white denim jacket, perhaps in everyone’s impression, denim jacket only blue is the most classic, in fact, white denim jacket also has a special flavor, this color matching is refreshing atmosphere, gentle and gentle, combined with hard denim jacket, it is very cool girl’s temperament.

The biggest highlight of this denim jacket is the patchwork design of the fur collar, a white fur collar at the neckline is very noble, although this color is classic and basic, but it is very suitable for combining with fur, and it is a more advanced style.

You can pair it with black jeans to enhance the overall style, and it also helps to create a relaxed visual effect, although the overall is not as classic denim blue, but it is also very stylish.

If you are a small girl, you may wish to try this kind of denim jacket, because denim jackets are born with fashion elements, and they are very fashionable after the upper body, but now that it is cold, you can use a lamb wool denim jacket to make it more warm and comfortable.

Winter fleece thickened lamb wool cotton short denim jacket, with a shirt and white legs inside, the lower body is black jeans, it looks very youthful, tall and thin, autumn and winter new small girls, do not pick the figure or pick people, you can let go and try it boldly.

Very suitable for girls in the small white crowd, but this outfit is not very suitable for the north, the weather in the north is too cold, if you really like it, it is recommended to use a “sweater”, which will be more warm and comfortable, if you are often indoors friends, you may wish to try, compared to the heating in the house.

The above is all the content of this issue of dressing explanation, I don’t know how much you have learned in front of the screen, if you like it, you can give me a little attention, I will continue to share fashion information for you.

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