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In the new consumption era, the demand of the furniture seat market is also constantly updated and upgraded, tending to personalization, quality, environmental protection and health, consumers are no longer limited to the functional practicality of the seat, but also pay attention to its comfort, environmental protection…

As we all know, the function and appearance of auditorium chairs are inseparable from the manufacturing process of the chair. Dian Chuang Professional Seating has always focused on high-quality seat manufacturing, deeply rooted in seat upgrade research and development, and strives to create a comfortable and environmentally friendly auditorium seat for users. With exquisite seat manufacturing technology, the seat gives more practical functions, and wins the favor of consumers!

Auditorium chairs are suitable for auditoriums, theaters, halls, lecture halls and other places, which are convenient for having a good line of sight during meetings and performances. In most cases, the sofa type is used in the form of upholstery, and in order to facilitate the evacuation of scattered personnel, the seat cushion can be flipped structure. And the seat should also take into account the number of the seat and the local lighting in the dark, so that the audience can easily identify and find.

Have you “understood” the knowledge of auditorium chairs


Most auditorium chairs are composed of five parts: seat, chair back, armrest, clipboard and standing legs.

In addition, according to the needs of use and design, some halls will place documents and writing boards for recording on the seats, which are specially designed for the chair used in meetings or lectures, divided into external and built-in and rear-mounted, and the institutional materials are divided into steel and aluminum alloys, and the board surface is divided into triamine boards and engineering plastics.

The hardware foot part has steel and aluminum alloy, the foot is divided into two types: single foot landing (single foot landing) and handrail foot landing, and its shell has ABS engineering plastics, and hot pressing laminate for paint.

The single-legged landing seat, the standing foot not only plays the center point of the support seat, has a certain aesthetics, but also facilitates the use of the chair leg to connect with other equipment in the environment and play a role in downward ventilation. The armrest standing floor seat has a strong and reliable point, which is more conducive to fixing and installation.

In addition, the seat bag of the auditorium chair is generally composed of fabric, sponge cushion, inner frame, rotating mechanism and outer panel. The rotating recovery mechanism of the seat bag is divided into gravity recovery mechanism, spring damping recovery mechanism and fractional spring recovery mechanism. The gravity recovery mechanism is relatively simple, reliable, maintenance-free, and usually equipped with rubber silencer pads to eliminate impact and noise during recovery; The use of spring recovery can make the recovery mechanism smaller, the structural design is flexible and changeable, and the damping device can make the recovery movement be controlled, the movement becomes slow, and the impact and noise are completely eliminated.

A good auditorium chair must have both excellent performance and exquisite appearance, creating a perfect enjoyment space for users.

Dian Chuang professional seat, adhering to tradition, continuous improvement and innovation, the selection of environmentally friendly materials, to create a healthy and comfortable seat, compared with ordinary seats, its practicality, under normal use, longer service life, to the majority of users to bring the ultimate public space experience.