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#Floral Art School#

As long as you observe carefully and use some imagination, every little detail of life can light up a good mood for the day. Today I want to say that I heard that food and flowers are more compatible.

Cupcake wreath DIY

Christmas wreath DIY I believe you have seen a lot, in the previous column I also introduced the DIY production of garlands, today I want to create a different mini cupcake garland.

These DIY mini garlands are very easy to make, and they are very beautiful to insert on the cupcake when finished.

In addition to decorating small cakes bought from the store to add Christmas spice, these mini wreaths can also be used as decorations in many other places.

Let’s take a look at how to make these little garlands.

Preparation materials:

Green plants with small leaves

Horticultural wire


Small bottles

The green plants we use here are called “baby eucalyptus leaves”, and they also belong to the eucalyptus family.

Eucalyptus leaves are usually my favorite, but they are generally too large to make today’s mini garlands, just as I found these lovely “baby eucalyptus leaves”.

If you really can’t find these, you can use any of the greenery with small leaves.

Wrap the gardening wire around the bottle, here I used a bottle with a diameter of 6 cm, so that you can easily get a round wire loop, and then reserve a wire long enough to stick on the cake.

Wrap the branches and leaves around the wire, try to be as dense as possible, and finally fix them with small wires. And then you’re done.

I also sprinkled some powdered sugar on the garland to create some snowflake falling effect, but I only sprinkled a little because I didn’t want to obscure the natural green beauty of the leaves themselves.

Pumpkin vase DIY

Speaking of decorating with pumpkins, what else can you think of besides a spooky and bloody Halloween?

Pumpkin bowl? Pumpkin hat? Pumpkin vase? Yes, life needs your imagination and creativity to be fun and full.

Let’s do it together today and make these cute mini pumpkins into small vases to decorate our dining table~

You see, pumpkins are not just for Halloween, they can also be a very chic and fun decoration to put at home every autumn and winter.

Mini pumpkin

Craft knives



Small bouquets of flowers and leaves

Floral wire

1. Cut a circle here in the rhizome of the branches.

2. Pull out the middle part and use a spoon to remove the sacs and seeds from the pumpkin.

3. Color the pumpkin with paint (I use white and gray green) and let dry.

4. Finally, add some water to the pumpkin and insert your bouquet and you’re done. Here, I use floral wire to tie eucalyptus leaves and stars into small bunches and insert them into a ‘pumpkin vase’, which can better keep the bouquet upright.

Finally, I would like to say that my flowers have been kept in these DIY mini pumpkin vases for 5 days so far, and at first I was worried about whether the pumpkin vases would stink, but it turned out that they were not!

However, I still recommend changing the water every other day, so that the pumpkin will definitely retain its long-lasting freshness like your flowers~

I have heard that people who understand life have already heard

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Preparation materials: