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For consumers, 7 days no reason to return is a good mechanism, but the malicious returned person is corruping this mechanism.

“You are not refused to return? The money is not returning to my hand.”

Recently, netizen “model playing wildss21” complained with “1818 golden eyes” in Weibo, saying that there is a liar buyer to buy things from his store and return to apply for a refund, the first time I returned the second hand, the second time Directly returned to the empty box courier, they have successfully applied for a refund.

Buyers also Yaoweiwei private letter shop owner:

Come once, I will still win, the consumer is God, you are fighting me.

This reminded the party Huang Ms. Huang, who was “bought 18 pieces of clothes after the tour”, was refused to return, and her criticism was a seller. When the reporter interviewed her, she also said that she said straight:

“You bought clothes, don’t you try it?”

You can try it on, but I’ve ran to Tibet tourism trial, playing for a few days, my friends circle also sent back to return refund, I was not too thick.


When Ms. Huang came to apologize, I said: “I never thought that things would develop to now seriously, which affects such a wide range.”

Also, using the “7 days no reason to return” rules “White” sellers this kind of thing happened every day, Ms. Huang took a few clothes to wear, small and small,

Return “white”, has already become an industrial chain.

Figure / “1818 gold eye”

Nothing is free in this world? Very much

7 days no reason to return, probably one of the greatest inventions of modern commercial society, because even this invention itself is also a good oil.


Last month, the new weekly public number has sent a “Wool Party, China’s most happy netizens”, introduced the brush monument, the task party, and the yellow cattle party how to finely calculate the wool of the business, the secret is the four words – – “accumulate more”. This article actually leaked a kind of

“Runner” specially deceived returns insurance

They use the freight risk rules of the e-commerce platform (add 0.5 yuan or 1 yuan shipping insurance when purchasing goods, if the insurance company can receive 10 yuan or 20 yuan shipping insurance), after receiving the goods, return, earn The difference between “shipping fees” and “courier fee”. People with channels can also find low-cost express cooperation, 10 yuan shipping insurance, deduct 4 yuan return courier fee,

Net earning 6 yuan / single.

E-commerce festival is also the festival of the return family.

The highest, you can do the order every day, but it is not received, and the courier company will naturally return it according to the original site. After the seller receives the goods, they will apply for 7 days without reason to return, and the freight insurance is all taken.


Empty gloves, white wolves, one person part-time single, every day, ten thousand, earn a two or three thousand pieces a month is not a problem; if you want to make a big stronger, a small studio hire people to operate,

Some people rely on 100,000 this month.

In fact, “ship insurance” is still a thick pass, after all, returned to the unknown goods, does not affect secondary sale.

More than this is “helping each other”, but it is not original.

According to netizens “Happy Weizi” Weibo broke the news: these people will build a small group,

This dress A bought a dirty in two months, let B help buy a new one, and then returned the dirty and old returning in seven days.

This Weibo is below, the majority of buyers and sellers have “notified” the return party I have encountered:

“I think of my college classmates, I don’t like to wear it to the last day. I really have no reason to return. She can wear to the seventh day.” “My store is now happening, two accounts, shoot two The exact same order, received a refund, only sent a product, fill in the same express number. “” There is still a truth-fake … and standing straight and strong, taking the customer service A set of advertising laws, the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, a set. If the finally the warehouse + monitoring + express evidence is sentenced to the seller, it will start to apply for returning and refund, say that the truth is being packaged. Now I will return the real thing, I hope that the store can return the fake to them and start to apply for a refund. “

Therefore, the reason why Ms. Huang, who is returned after 18 pieces of clothes, and returned to the country, not because her behavior is outstanding, how tight is not forgive, but because this kind of thing is too much, you have to doubt:

They really feel that “small and cheap” “white” is the meaning of the sky.

The writer Qigang has encountered a wonderful female reader. After this lady bought her book,

Everything is turned over, then retreat within 7 days.

I also ran to the Douban to give her a bad review. Kutanti asked her why she didn’t buy an e-book or went to the library borrow? This lady said:

I should have a book that others have seen.

I believe that Huang Ms is also the same. She certainly doesn’t like the second-hand clothes that others pass, but she retracts her clothes to the merchant and sell it. She does not feel that it is in the beginning.

Many years ago, some people called these people called “exquisite self-esteem”, but they are affirmative, but they are exquisite but not necessarily.

On April 19 this year, there were netizens and 1818 golden eyes broke the news: she has a colleague.

I bought four sets. After washing, I felt that I didn’t like the color.

After receiving the laundry liquid, it was not good, but the buyer was not good, refused to admit it, and applied for the e-commerce platform to intervene, and the result is that the buyer won.

The thick face is a passive pass,

It seems that as long as the buyer’s face is thick enough, there is no goods that can’t be refunded.

“I will take the return, even my wedding dress.”

Return policy, weird returns

For consumers, 7 days no reason to return is a good mechanism, online shopping returns no need to explain with sellers, third-party platforms, can be refunded directly, save a lot of pulsation time. But people who are maliciously returned to this mechanism is being corrupted.

In September 2017, the largest consumer electronics and e-commerce platform in China, Jingdong once canceled the “7 days of no reason to return” services in headphones, graphics cards, because users use this rule “White”,

Headphones have experienced a few days, and even the buyer took the opportunity to profit, and I bought a true return.

According to media reports, a high-end headset selling at a price of about 10,000.

I have received a large number of returned repairs, 20% -30% is a fake

In July of the world, the global Bitcoin market was very hot. The price of the graphics card has skyrocketed. Jingdong canceled the 7-day free reason to return the “digging graphics card”, because there is a user to buy the graphics card mining after 6 days. Buy true and fettered is irrevitable,

After the purchase of more than 7,000 dollar CPUs in 2014, it took 100 yuan of CPU counterfeit goods to retreat, and she was profitable.

In fact, the return scam encountered in the domestic e-commerce platform, more than 20 years ago, the foreign enterprises have just been invested when they have just entered China, and they have nothing to do now.

In 1995, the international direct sales enterprise Amway entered the Chinese market and used the return guarantee system with abroad, that is, there is no time limit, no reason to return service.


After the sale, Amway has encountered an unprecedented return!

Many people take the empty bottle after returning after using the product.

“Some customers don’t even have a store, pour things into the bottle brought into the bottle, then take the Amway’s bottle back to retreat. What is even more, I will collect the empty bottle of Amway, the whole bag The bag is retired. “

The “First Financial Daily” reported that in the peak of the return tide, the highest record amount of Amway a month of 45 million yuan was 45 million yuan.

In the consumer electronics industry, returns fraud is a quarter, Amazon, Logitech, and Apple have a lot of people. The apple mobile phone sold in the market is called “official exchange”, which is a new unhapplied mobile phone to Apple replacement during the warranty period.

This is because Apple has implemented a low threshold for the low threshold, and many people smell the business opportunity.

After the purchase of second mobile phones, I will return to Apple. After replacing the new machine, take it to sell, each time you can earn a price of hundreds of yuan to one or two thousand yuan.

The return policy has caused certain economic losses to Apple.

According to the “Ai Fan” report, if the recovered Apple phone is unable,

Domestic merchants will deliberately change the broken parts, turn the second mobile phone into the faulty machine and take it to the new machine.

An interviewed business said that he is the most

I want to give 20 second-hand Apple mobile phones for a day.

And an apple retail store in Shenzhen received a new application for 2000 guarantees within one day, and alarmed the Apple headquarters.

In November 2016, Apple China revised the “re-repair” policy. Most of the mobile phone repairs will be strictly inspected after repair, and determine that the non-human is a fault to replace the parts for free, only a small part can be replaced. Despite this, now online platforms can still find a lot of official transformers.

In Hong Kong, due to bad merchants, paleols, the Yellow cattle party “buy real returns”, Apple has launched the most stringent return policy in Apple in order to stop the damage –

All products purchased in Hong Kong official website cannot be returned and replaced

. The road to the Huang Niu returned is blocked. General consumers are also dragged down the water and cannot enjoy normal after-sales service.

Where is the world get started, we don’t know, but consumers return the contract to ensure the shrinkage of the policy, must be blamed to the head of the returned party.

Do selling, I haven’t seen anything about?

Loose “no reason to return” policy is an ornament.


Most American merchants provide a return service of near Zero thresholds, and there is no reason to return in all states, from 10 days, 20 days, 30 days, 60 days to 90 days. You can even think that there is no time limit in the US shopping return,

No matter what you buy, you can return it.

There is a problem on the Reddit website is to give Costco (Good City Multi, US Retailer) employee: What is the most outrageous return received by Costco? The answer teach people amazed.

Some people send damaged leather chairs to Costco returns.

Someone retired one



The reason is that this wine has a headache.

Someone retired one


Sony radio bought for more than ten years ago

The value is about 50 US dollars and receipts have been severely faded.

Someone retired one

13 years ago

That customer put it in the refrigerator, and successfully got a refund.

Someone bought approximately $ 200 rib steak.

After eating, I took the bones and fat kitchen and got a refund of 13 cents.

Someone retired a serious chicken house, and there is a chicken coverage.

The family attacked the smells into the store in the store, and the front desk manager gave him the full amount …

January every year,


After Christmas and New Year, there will be customers to retreat to Christmas ornaments.


After the summer is over, some people will return swimming equipment, barbecue equipment, etc., and they have not retired the barbecue food through the digestive system.

In Costco, someone retarded a Christmas tree, the reason was “it died.”


The swimsuit passing through it also can be returned.简 书 作者 作者 作者 买 美国 买 买 买 穿 穿 子 子 子 子 地 地 地 地 地 商 商 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案For the equivalent merchandise, return refund, there is no difficulty.

People are almost the same, the return service is so good, there will be a small person “white”. Have a Thai woman purchasing a famous brand bag in the United States,

Return the counterfeit, leave the truth to sell itself.

I went down in 12 states in 12 states, earned $ 1 million.


Last year, Arizona had a 23-year-old man arrested because he bought a computer in Wal-Mart.

After removing the parts inside, return

, Repeatedly retreat, more than 1,000 crimes, stealing parts worth $ 1.3 million.

A man in Arizona was arrested for fraudulent return.

I don’t know that poor, or steal addiction, the US President George W. Bush’s Assistant Claude Allen has been prosecuted because of fraudulent return.

After he brushed the credit card in the two stores, he was buried.


Bring the goods back to the car, return to the store to take the same commodity requirements return

, Successfully defrauded a refund of more than $ 5,000. The police also found that there were 25 similar returns to his credit card.

Claude Allen (middle) to the court.

Is there any way to return the return party? Nor.

In 2018, a lady went to the supermarket and requested a printer who bought her 2010.

The foreground manager refuses to call the customer service, and finally the supermarket high-level decision accepts returns, returns the printer and ink fees, but also returns her membership fee, black her.

Since then, the free and thoughtful after-sales service may be more uncomfortable than refusal to return.

The second-hand goods that others returned may be bought by you.

Since “no reason to return” will be so abuse, why is the majority of businesses to implement such policies?


Cause no,

Low thresholds and free return policies are attracting new customers, retaining old customers’ golden signboards.

The investigation and research of Walker Sands, US PR, shows that 88% of respondents expressed the free return service is an important factor in which they decide to buy.

95% of respondents said they will once again visit the return experience.

The more simple return processes, the more people go back. For this purpose, the membership fee charged, you can complete the cost that Cover offensive.

Food bought fault, drink, you can refund.

More frankly,

Return and worry-free policies will allow customers to form a psychological effect of “buy buy”

Shopping is no longer tangled, not buying, but buying back and tangled and retreat. Many people don’t satisfy, considering postage, the oil fees and time costs of the supermarkets, too lazy.


“No reason to return” became an important part of the shopping experience,

But more and more returns also bring a lot of problems.


. For enterprises, they first face the pressure of warehousing and secondary sales. Many retailers have faced back to back to the returning returns, they can only ask logistics companies: a lot of returns, don’t know what to do, can you help sell it?

If you can’t sell it, you can only be buried. The reverse logistics company of the franchise returns is said that the United States will produce each year.

More than 3.5 billion return goods, 20% of which are defective products.

According to the statistics of the US Post Office, the United States with $ 113 billion to $ 132 billion in 2017 was returned.




More than 5 billion pounds (1 pound of about 453.6 grams) will eventually be sent to the landfill

. Of course, these items have been recovered and harmless before landfill.

A large number of returns have prosperous warehousing markets and recycling industries.

In my country, under the development of the e-commerce industry for more than 10 years, the forward logistics has been greatly prosperous, and the reverse logistics is still in a relatively backward level. Don’t say anything else, just say online shopping, lack of reverse logistics, will something will refund?


Returned to the self-operated e-commerce platform, although it is refunded to the self-operated platform,

But the second-hand goods that others returned, maybe they will be bought by you.

And the third-party e-commerce platform, the return cost is basically the merchant himself, if the platform cannot be objectively impact returned disputes,

The merchant will not only do it, but may not pass the return of the return and refund, double double

The victims of buyers and sellers, to Weibo and “1818 Golden Eyes” request public opinion attention, once a useful, useful twice, next? You don’t have to say, you have an answer.


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