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The value of the hand cream is more high.

Wen Zhen Xia Tao Wang Qin


After the epidemic, the hand cleaning is concerned about consumers. On the other hand, due to alkaline soap, alcohol and other hand problems have emerged, the hand care demand is strong, and the hand cream market ushered in the outbreak.

Ettio International Consulting Company Data Show, November 2021 MAT (December 2021 November 2021) During the year, the total network cross-border e-commerce hand cream retail sales exceeded 900 million yuan, and the retail volume reached 180.82 million. Parts, the transaction price is 51.3 yuan.

L’Occitane lead TOP5 brand retail accounts for more than 50%

November 2021 MAT (December 202-1 November 2021) During the year, the whole network cross-border e-commerce hand cream TOP5 brand threshold was 0.26 billion yuan. In addition, the retail sales of all-network cross-border e-commerce hand cream TOP5 brands account for 52.8%, and the market share is extremely concentrated.


From the brand pattern, L’Occun Dan is in a ranking of retail sales of 21.6 billion yuan, with a total of 11.1% of the retail volume of 11.1%. The latest financial reports disclosed by L’Occitane also show that from performance, the Chinese market has become the world’s largest market in Litend.

The Hand Cream of the Shiseido Hand Cream is $ 11.3 billion retail sales, 12.5% ​​of the retail volume and 11.2% of the retail quantity list list 2nd. He is clear, Runbei, and the translation of 2-5 names. It is worth noting that Du’it Easte Brand from Australia was founded in 1998. I have previously sold in Australian pharmacy channels, mainly rescue repairs, mainly for cracking, stripping and other hand problems, and classic products include hand cream, Hand film, foot film, etc.

It is worth noting that the retail sales of the three major brands of the Qing Dynasty, which is more than retail volume, which means that they have completed higher sales performance with fewer sales. This also shows that in cross-border e-commerce hand cream market, low prices are not the best solution for brand best, and consumers also prefer powerful brands.

Big Star Single Products Mapping Plant Components, Small Shape Hand Cream is popular


Integrated Tmall, Jingdong, Koala three hand cream best-selling list, in terms of efficacy, moisturizing, moisturizing, hydrating, anti-cracking is the four major effects of consumers.

In recent years, with the growing demand, the use of scenes, in addition to the above basic effects, consumers pay more attention to the fragrance, repair, soothing and other multiple functions, milk fruit, chamomile, chestwarth, rose, cherry blossom, etc. The ingredients are welcomed by consumers, and the brands of the natural plant components are also benefited. For example, German small glycrunger daisy chrysanthemum cream, Qiakip Tagagi Rose Hand Cream, etc. Enter all the best-selling lists of major platforms.

In the above three listings, the classic single items of major brands have repeatedly appeared, and the classic single product of the head brand became the leader of the cross-border e-commerce hand cream market. For example, Shitang Mei Runxia Hand Cream appears 8 times in Tmall List, Matsumotokiyoshi overseas flagship store sales “Shiseido Urea 100g * 3” becomes a Tmall International Hand Cream Best Soldler TOP1. In addition, the various types of hand cream in the L’Occitan brand appeared in the Jingdong list, of which Jingdong International Beauty Self-operated Cross-border Duty Free Shop 150ml / Supply Cream 150ml / Support “became Jingdong Sea global hand cream bestseller top2.

It is worth noting that under the prevention and control of the epidemic, consumers frequently use alkaline soap or alcoholic disinfection products lead to sensitivity of hand skin, dry, flourish, itching or even schodema. In this context, the hand cream containing the repair ingredients such as neuronamide, urea, silicone oil, vitamin E, collagen, becomes an ideal choice for consumers to stabilize the skin barrier. Such as “Du’it Easy First Aid Hand Mask Hand Cream” “Mei Run Urea Hand Cream” “Vaseline Vaseline Hand Cream” and other products are welcomed by consumers.

From the average price of the major platforms, the cross-border e-commerce hand cream market is still based on the medium and high-end market. Comprehensive Tmall, Jingdong, and Koala three lists, cross-border e-commerce hand cream transaction is between 17.7 yuan to 531.7 yuan. Due to the high price of large cards such as L’Occitan, Shiseido, and cross-border e-commerce sales are mostly bundled sales models, the average price is generally higher. For example, Koala Plate Cosmeland Beauty Overseas Flagship Store Sales “[Japan direct mail] L’Occitane L’Occitan hand cream 6 Pack 30ml × 6” The average price of 531.7 yuan. The list shows that the cost of TOP30 selling products in Kala platform is more than 100 yuan, which is more than 80%, Tmall, Jingdong TOP30 best-selling single product average price of more than 100 yuan, accounts for 50%.


Overall, the cross-border e-commerce hand cream market is still dominated by big names. This market is fierce competition, but it is not short-term brand, and the value is increasingly prominent, opportunities and challenges.