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In 2008, a movie named “Iron Man” was born, and the Rowless Comics company, who is poor to leaving leaving pants, will come to Dongshan.


From “Iron Man” to “Avengers”, then to the “Spider-Man” series, the position of the global super large IP of the Milky movie universe has been difficult to shake.


Behind its infinite scenery, there is actually a person “deep-hidden work and name”, he is –

Jon Fer Confucius.

It is exuded that the “no one wants” superhero Iron Man, decided to direct and adapt its series of movies, and also in the small Robert Downey, which is in the low cereals, this series of operations is a gamble.

This gambling ending is naturally a great victory, but the time is in 2019. The same situation has come to the acquisition of Mountain.

Disney Company


In front of it, this time, Joen once again shot, preparing “doing big things”!


What is this “big thing”?

It is:


(This article is very high, the word number is nearly 6K, remember to adjust reading mode first)

To say the classic IP in Disney, from “Snow White” “Cinderella”, to “Lion King” “Ice and Snow Qiyuan”, I am a big string.

In these big IPs,


“Star Wars”

It is also a “ace” in the Disney.

As a work across more than 40 years, the “Star War” series can be described as a few generations of the United States, and its influence in the United States is “the US version of” Journey “.”

However, whether it is a reflusted “Cinderella” or “Star Wars” “After the Three Songs” box office, the word of mouth is cold, the old IP is taken, the content is conserved, now We said that Disney seems to think of “not thinking” four words.

In the face of the status quo of Disney, Jon Fei Confucius can’t sit, he made it changing, in 2019, the horse put forward.


“Star War” first real person derivative drama

“Mandalo” came out.

On November 12, 2019, the “Mandaro” was broadcast once, and he was once conusal to account for the crown of the US network drama. The 8 episodes passed, the Douban was still 9.2 points, IMDB 8.7 points, rotten tomato freshness 93 %.

At the Ammy Award, “TV Series Oscar”, “Mandaro” is more

15 nominated, 7 grand prizes


Income in the income.


Therefore, before the second season starts broadcast, we can see the fans from all over the world, a man hand, an emoy, excitedly watch the fanatic heat scene of the trailer.


After the second episode is broadcast, the Douban has been 9.6 points in the sky, and the IMDB is as high as 9 points. When the broadcast is broadcast, the world is the first,

The return is still the king!

(November first week “Mandaro” into the most popular episodes of the United States)

So, what is the charm of “Mandaro” in the absence of countless people?

Before answering this question, we must first review the general content of the first quarter.

The “Mandalo” time setting is after the fall behind the Empire and the first order, that is, after the movie “Star Wars 6: Jedi Return”.


(“Star War” storyline list)


The master of the drama is Mandaro, Jarin (hereinafter referred to as Manda), tells the experience of his emblem of the Yinhe side of the Silver River, which is far away from the New Republic.

In the first quarter, the residual imperial power issued a bounty recruitment, and the reward object is an aged 50-year-old alien creature. The protagonist Manda found it, but found –

It turned out to be a baby!

Because this baby is so cool to the Baby Master, it is known to be known as “


Yuda Baby


The baby is not only like the top of the Samxi Master, but also shows the principalness of the idea of ​​moving objects, blocking attacks, which is undoubtedly related to Yudan family.

The male master who was adopted by Mandarlo, Yanda and his own experience, so the baby was returned from the imperial resident, and stepped on the journey of looking for people.

After the first quarter broadcast, we can see the short comments like netizens have been gathered.

Disney + is extraordinary, the texture is retro, and the feelings have been filled.


After reading the first episode, I decided to officially join the Star War family, and I have to make up all movies in the Star War in these days.

– Star War is derived to have a good look. – Memory brought the baby and look good, “Mandaro” is really fragrant.

From this evaluation, it is actually faintly revealed “Mandaro”

Popular key points.

On the one hand, it has “Star War” in the smell, continuing its spirit, let the old powder satisfied;

A successful fantasy or science fantasy works, absolutely inseparable from the construction of the whole worldview, and the “Star War” is the case.

From the “Emperor’s Mother Star” Naburus, the princess of Leia, to the hometown of the sky, the place where the story begins – Tamu is a Mandaro in the new dragon, Wu Gargan Turkiyer and other rounds;


Whether it is a tracker, Java people who have repeatedly appeared, or the combat robot IG-11 replaced the robot R2-D2, C-3PO, or the mud beast war …

From a variety of virtual planets and races, to spacecraft, robots, battle scenes, “Star Wars” give us a very complete and self-contained fictional world, and “Mandaro” shared its worldview, making eggs everywhere.

On the other hand, it creates a new story mode, no sill, let the new pit.

Throughout the “Star War”, the “Star Wars” movie, from the former biography, the boom caused by the triggered, to the back of the mouth, and then the history of the guest family and the Palpa family will only make people feel aesthetically fatigue.


Therefore, in the “Manduli” abandoned the family’s troubles,

Accepting a stunned task model with non-original protagonist


Similar to the plot of the game clearance is very easy to understand, there is almost no threshold of the drama, and the new powder income is smooth –

It can be said that the adopted Jon Fei Confucian, saving the “Star War” series!

The above two points are simply from the perspective of “Star War” circle powder. In fact, the ambition of “Mandaro” is far more than that, combined with the new trends showing the second season, we may wish to analyze it specifically “


The dead charm point “

First, from the western science fiction to space thriller, the style is bold.

The new drama starts from the first quarter, it is a letter.


Western cowboy texture

Follow the face –

A large desert, a tavern, an unpleasant guest, a non-compliant two sides pull out the waist pistol, and there is always one party.


From the ice skiing, it escaped from the snow, the smest of the snow, to Manda Joint First Rigm League soldiers Kara Dunn, staged a village defense war of the “Seven Samurai” in the “Seven Samurai”;

After experiencing the uniform mud beast, escaped the prisoner ship, after the fight against IG-11, the first episode of the second season once again staged a classic

Play big dragon



The earliest formation in the form of “Star Wars 4: New Hope”



In the form of the active form in the play, the snail is living in the Cave of Salak, when you come out to swallow the Saha or Sandy, threatening the peace of Mospapa.

With the giant mouth of the abyss, the poisonous liquid is sprayed with six pro, I can go to the top of the mountain, and I can sneak into the bottom, you can say Manda in the drama to challenge the SSS level task.

By detonating the bomb, the dragon belly, the drama and the “Star War” series are the same in the 2003 RPG game “Old Republic Samurai”, the final challenge is successful.

can be seen,


In the first quarter, the cost of more than 100 million US dollars


The big production of the TV drama was made a lot, and the second season scene was even more upgraded. At the end of the first episode, there was even the giant screen of IAMX in the end of the first episode.

Use money on the blade, the dollar visible to the naked eye is burning!

If the “sand dune” style of the first episode is made to make some people can’t surprise, then they have come to the second episode and come and have a thrilling adventure.

In order to find other Mandaro, Manda needs to escort the wali of her eggs in the verge of destroying, flying to Mandab Clock looking for her husband.


In order to avoid the search of the New Republic Pilot, Manda once again drives the spaceship to the sky snow Mark Leres Planet.

However, after all the way, the extensive spacecraft was caught in the ice cave, and Manda was encountered when repairing this broken iron rotten iron.


Ice spider group attack

This white spider from the concept of Rarff Mai Quarry, from the worm eggs to break, with the arrival of the spider, Manda, a group of fugitives in the ice hole.

Whether it is a green liquid of the pincophot, or the spider silk of the spacecraft, especially the spider is full of densely numb, this wet sprout,

It seems that instantly crossing the “shaped” site –


Say good to see Meng, I have to scare a small friend!

From here, in the face of the Disney style of the family boy, the family of Xianyi,

Out of the safety area

“Mandaro” is not a bold – good guy, you can really have you!

Second, from the mammon, the baby to the male mother, the child, the characters change.

To say that this drama will be so popular, naturally

Two roles

The presence.

First of all, as a organizational group in the “Star War” universe



Tunnes originated from the classroom, are known for the military’s lifestyle and the fighting role of the explosion.

After the Mandarlo war, Tunne losses a heavy loss, so after this, as long as you accept the cultural culture of Mandaro, any race can join them.

The male protagonist in the drama is played by the “Red Veric Snake” Pedro Pasca

Ding Ja Lin

When I was a child, I was killed in the cloning war, and he was also a member of the Mandaro.


What is the Mandaro?

Iconic feature

Head wearing T-shaped helmet, back tracking rocket, wrist armor built-in small rocket, firewriter, transmitter, etc., can be said to be armed, and you can recognize the most exciting in this population.



Walking the rivers and lakes has two

First, I can’t take off the helmet in front of others, and I am seeing the real capacity; II is to insist on the belief of “this is the way” (not shaken for other rules).

For male mainmen, Jalin, this exclusive man, driving his beloved spaceship, wearing the hard armor created by Manda Luo, take a bounty to do things, people don’t speak, live away from one Cold blood cool guy.


It is such a “fierce man”.

Everything has changed due to the emergence of Yuda’s baby.

Compare 900 years old Yuda, this only 50-year-old baby grows like it, round head, green skin, a paw with a paw of elf sharp ear and three fingers.

When it turns a round big eyes, the milk is milk, and it is innocent. It is completely in your cute.

Just ask who can resist this germination, the mammoth is still the same as it is soft!

If Manda, Manda in the first season is a bit disappointing and casual, then after a common experience of all kinds of difficulties, the relationship between the two has become more intimate and firm.

Whether it is “

Where are I, where is it?

“, Or” if you dare to stay a little scar in him, I will find you over the end of the world “, saying that the mammon of these lines directly” fall “into the mother-in-law ~

Since Yuda Baby is too popular, in the second quarter, we saw a lot of selling players, and more novelty was in the first two episodes.

New side

If the first season is robbed, Yuda, Yuda, is like a child who is not a world, then with the dad of the rivers and lakes, it directly exposes its child’s child attributes directly in the second season.

In the face of Manda wrist armor, prepare the dry frame, Yudan baby immediately closed his small door –


You are a mature baby, encounter danger, know how to protect yourself.

The transformer is not enough, Yudan’s baby


Eat attribute


In the second episode “big plaque”.

To say that the frog in the first quarter is just a small dish, then now the baby is looking for it, seeing the barbecue smiles, there are two small pentals, more too much is to stare on the eggs of the Waima.


People must be on the verge of extinction, this baby is three times to steal, live and go into a bear child who is not sensible.

After being stopped by Manda, at the end of this episode, Yuda actually took out an egg from the pocket, I couldn’t think ~

Even the white spider eats Yudan’s children, showing it.


Say, dangerous side

I am afraid that I will suffer from this mouth.

It is worth mentioning that although in the past two episodes, Yudan has a kind of to cover Manda’s head, but

Some details are also outlined from Manda’s changes.


In addition to his attitude towards the baby, like Manda began to believe in the robot in the first quarter, to the rescue of IG-11, he has allowed the robot to repair his spaceship, be a secret stamp Tears.

I hope that I can make more shapes to Manda itself, after all, our drama is called “Mandaro”.


Third, from small eggs to big characters, more integrated with the “Star War”.


Without “Star Wars” ancestral head and BGM, “Mandaro” was in the second season, and finally said the classic “”

May theories and you are “

Returning to the “Star War” story started to meet Manda in Manda, met with the New Republic Army, and there is more than those who have been with the “Star War” main line.


In addition to some of the small eggs mentioned above, the emergence of a person is crucial –

He is Boba Fett.


In fact, in the “Star Wars 2: Cloning the Attack”

Jengo Fet

And its cloned bib Fert, has already played with the bounty hunter, leaving a deep impression on many viewers.

Boba Feti is the only unremnous cloning person, and the two are the father and son relationship. In the Battle of Giorezis, Zhan Ge was headed by Wendu Master, Boba and Jedi Samurai At this end, the end of hat.

In the “Star War 6”, Biba, which has become one of the best bounty hunters in the Milky Way, once again, in the confrontation with Luke Sky, and Boba finally buried in the abdomen of the salag.








At that time, Paba Fett died of combat power was so rushed.

Many fans think this is a plot bug, many people speculate that he may not die at all.

So, in the second quarter, we actually discovered

Boba Fert “reborn”!


In the first episode, Kobe Wan Si police wearing Biba Fetad armor showed that this helmet was exchanged from the silicon crystal from Java.

(Look at the side of the side of Manda and the fake Bob, simply has a sense of time and space.

A play of the big drama actually just let everyone see it, it is still an important pave.

After detonating the bomb in Manda into the belly of Kreton, a flying land, handsome returning, simply

In the past, Boba Feti was the perfect demonstration of how to escape from the abdomen of the salad.

At the end of the first episode, Temura Morrison, who has placed Zhan Ge Ferrt, as a natural appearance of the father and son of the clone,

And his appearance is almost determined that Boba Fert is not dead at all!

In fact, in the first quarter, the female kilnithic monks played by the Chinese actress Wen Mingna, took away by the mysterious people in the night, and this person is like Paka from the small half of the small half of the picture. Ferd.


From here, Boba Fette’s “Rebirth” undoubtedly fixes this “Star War” in the eyes of many people.


After 37 years, I can finally find it back!

Next, the helmet will be taken by Manda, and what attitude will be eye-catching with Manda’s Manda, and the two will meet each other. ?

If this is true, the two combat value MAX Mandaro is dedicated, then there is really a good show ~

After finishing the main highlights of the first two episodes, I want to be a lot of people.

The giant pit left in the first quarter

I still don’t forget –

GM Gilien escaped from the fighter, and why did he say the dark sword of Man Dalorcan?


From the second quarter, the plot seems to have no urgent unveiled this mystery.

Pull the front line very long.

In conjunction with Gilien’s players, “Fried Chicken Uncle” Ji’an Carlo Es Podoso’s interview, the second season will further discover the ability of Eyuta baby, will begin to explain the Sword of Gilien, will Links to other episodes such as “Star Wars: Cloning War”:

“We live in a huge universe, there are a lot of things worth exploring. So I think it will be a depth and breadth of the 3rd quarter and the fourth quarter, when you will really get answers.”

From the first quarter, Joen Ferre, the second season, also served as a director, and the “Mandaro”, the third and fourth quarters have been booked, he can fight again!

(Artistic concept map)

Said so much, although this drama also lost the shortcomings such as the narrative rhythm, but saw Yudan’s baby a smile, I couldn’t help but play five stars! (That is, so uncomfortable)

In short, the first quarter was 8 episodes, one episode only 30 minutes, the second quarter broadcast 2 episodes, I haven’t seen the “Mandaro” friends, hurry up, stocks do not lose money ~


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