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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Reporters black grand

Winter season, several heavy snow to the Pamirs covered with thick snow, the foot of the towering Karakoram, neat red roof house to winter added some dazzling colors. Tashkurgan Tajik Autonomous County township Tuogelunxia taxkorgan village that co-Zi Xi Guli Beik teeth are warm room embroidered pillow.

With the help of your Kashi Urumqi Customs Customs’ visit Hui Ju “village-based Task Force, that together Xi Guli opened B & B, eat the” food tourism. “

“Tajik style embroidery particularly popular with tourists, while we are not busy, I embroider more new look, for better meet the needs of tourists.” That co-Xi Guli told reporters.

After years of practice, in the beautiful Pamirs, Urumqi Customs’ visit Hui Ju “village-based Task Force and the Customs Kashi belongs” to visit Hui Ju “village-based Task Force on local conditions, developing industries, the villagers get rich open up new ways for rural revitalization energize.


Strong foundation to create never go Task Force

In early December, went into the village Walch Diego taxkorgan village service center, the villagers are “civilized practice station” handle the transaction. Village officials are keen to provide services to the villagers. Reporters noted that the village cadres, young people make up the majority.

22-year-old village cadres Banu Ti-wood Maida force villagers patiently answer questions. “In recent years, big changes in home every day, the village development needs of young people, I would like to make achievements in their posts.” Ba Nuti said.

Qi around the election with strong village cadres, “visit Hui Ju” village-based Task Force from the reserve in the village cadres, rich leaders and merit-based selection of outstanding college graduates to replace low cultural quality, strong sense of responsibility of village cadres, inspired village General business vitality of cadres.

“Bangdai village cadres and Party members, and strictly implement the system through the knot off the fine ‘three will be a lesson’, strengthen theoretical study and training, standardized organizational life, held democratic life and other measures to carry out criticism and self-criticism, just six months, effective on emerged, the village ‘two committees’ team work enthusiasm, initiative is mobilized, village officials also motivated enough! “Urumqi Customs’ visit Hui Ju” village-working team head leader, first secretary of the village Diego Walch said Hao Baosheng .

Tuogelunxia just recently elected village director of Anami Tagu Li-ranking Buy, 29-year-old, after graduating from college she chose to return to the village to work, the work of the past few years has also been widely recognized by the villagers.

“The village committee work all manner of work team members often give us training, the skill has been greatly improved.” Ah Fu Ta Guli said.

“Up to run a” push forward the reform extends to the grassroots, to provide people with better quality service, owned Kashi Urumqi Customs Customs officers at taxkorgan Township color day Denktash village “visit Hui Ju” Task Force apply for 200,000 yuan of special relief fund completed, the villagers cultural activity center, the transformation of village service station convenience village office base, enhance the level of hardware to serve the people.

The village “visit Hui Ju” Task Force captain, first secretary of Lijiang Long introduced the villagers efficiency has increased substantially in the past need to “run back and forth” things can be disposable and efficient solution, it has been unanimously praised the villagers.

Helping the village to build a strong grassroots party organizations, in recent years, Urumqi Customs’ visit Hui Ju “by the Task Force and visit home, see the difficulties members and the masses to carry out policy propaganda, effectively solve the weak grass-roots party basis and farmers and herdsmen” distress worry hope “problem.

“The Task Force is not only to bring the village to life, but also to build up a’ll never go ‘task force’.” Taxkorgan Township deputy mayor Guoshi Guo said.

Tim dynamic characteristics of industrial-development

“We want to make good use of winter fallow time, increase tourism service training, lay the foundation for development in the coming year.” December 10, Hao Baosheng being village “two committees” team to discuss next year’s travel plans together.

Tashkurgan Tajik Autonomous County known as the “pearl of the plateau” reputation. In recent years, the county to the unique highland scenery and unique ethnic customs, both inside and outside Xinjiang attracts tourists to travel and tourism. The Walch Diego Alar village is located near the marsh of gold, Stone City attractions and other tourist attractions.

Task Force to coordinate 540,000 yuan relief fund, will be transformed into a bed and breakfast houses 27 villagers, to create “Choi family” bed and breakfast tourism demonstration sites and invite professionals to hotel management and catering bed and breakfast in the village to carry out training for the establishment of tourism service management company, specification accommodation and catering charges, to further enhance the quality of service B & B to prepare.

Task Force village “two committees” to the company as the main village tourism, Ctrip online registration account for each bed and breakfast classification introduced, to encourage villagers to own houses centralized hosting and online promotion, relying on networks to increase orders.

“Since last year, online travel orders from the village unified treatment, unified management income from the village, regular payment, fair and open.” Hao Baosheng said. This year, 27 houses in the total number of orders Ctrip has reached 2000 alone, more than 4,000 people were tourists, income of nearly 51 million.

With the upgrading of the village B & B, revenue linear force villagers Di Yar · I Jamil home rises. “In addition to accommodation, we also provide catering and characteristics of agricultural products, clothing, crafts sales service, tourism this year, net income amounted to 120,000 yuan.”

In order to guide farmers and herdsmen increase income through multiple channels, the Task Force to develop high altitude snow daisy characteristic planting, to help register the “off-the people plateau snow daisy” trademark, expand sales channels through micro-channel circle of friends, vibrato and other platforms. Up to now, the village snow daisy sales reached 18 million, benefiting 69 villagers.

“To get rich first build roads, repair the road used to be, now want to add the information highway.” Hao Baosheng said, No online bed and breakfast and live with a cargo not just for show, but to encourage young people in the village have become innovative hard work school, become rural revitalization “reinforcements.”

Urumqi Customs each “visit Hui Ju” village-based task force to find ways to solve the difficulties of farmers and herdsmen to help them get rich. In the Task Force’s help and support, the village built a house hit Nang Nang to carry out yaks, sheep, multiple births, meat pigeon breeding, cultivation of high altitude snow daisy, oats, continue to broaden the channels for farmers and herdsmen.

Dress remarkable vitality village appearance

In taxkorgan Township Tuogelunxia village, tidy farmyard, a new kindergarten, renovated village service station, distinctive highland animal husbandry, home music …… This former Hull poor villages, farmers and herdsmen face filled with happiness.

Kashi Customs officers taxkorgan township Tuogelunxia village “visit Hui Ju” Task Force Urumqi Customs belongs first secretary Zeng Tao, the use of Alar village next to the gold marsh scenic advantages, cooperative village “two committees” to lead the farmers and herdsmen to carry out the transformation of the courtyard, repair of streets, painted walls, set up trash, village appearance has greatly improved.

“In the village, while improving the living environment, but also allows the villagers relying on more of a tourism income.” Zeng Tao said.

“Yard also built a gazebo and flower beds, also with a cement block pit Nang, and went on the road each household is clean and tidy.” Tuogelunxia villagers Tursun · Take Ba Yi said.

In more than 50 kilometers away from the village Tuogelunxia color day Denktash village, belongs to Kashi Urumqi Customs Day Customs Denktash village in color “visit Hui Ju” Task Force multi-party financing, fitness activities for the village built a small square, basketball court, renovation of village roads, renovation of the village committee office space, the installation of solar street lights 360, the purchase of garbage transfer three cars, trash 170.

The village “visit Hui Ju” Task Force captain, first secretary of Lijiang Long introduction, village appearance greatly improved, the mental outlook of the villagers has been renewed.

Courtyard repair Well, the task force to start “small courtyard,” the great article. Task Force village “two committees” to help families out of poverty per household renovation 0.2-0.5 acres of gardens, and guide them to the development of the plateau characteristics of farming, cottage industries, the average annual household income of 1,000 yuan.

In taxkorgan Township Library Zi roll, a village of Gul Khan Daniela Bou force distribution force this year planted in the yard of snow daisy, alfalfa and Purple potato harvest is good, she said happily: “We are not only more beautiful garden , and also added an income. “

“Relying on the construction of the ‘Pamir airports’ geographic advantage, we identified a B & B, farmhouse, animal husbandry, home music and other projects, organize the villagers related business to learn, to expand services, improve service quality, expand the villagers revenue streams.” Urumqi Customs Zi roll in the village library “visits Hui Ju” Task Force captain, first secretary often embankment said.